The Craterite invasion (1)

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Maddison P.O.V*
"Hey, Maddi!" I looked up from the map on my control console as Ashley called to me. I looked up to see her standing with TJ, both holding their helmets but otherwise in their Ranger outfits.
"We're going to the simudeck. Come join us!" She demanded and I laughed before standing up and walking over to them both, linking arms with Ashley.
"DECA, load the Craterite training simulation." TJ called.
"Ready?" TJ asked. I looked at Ashley who smiled.
"Ready." I confirmed with a nod.
"Craterite fight simulation beginning. Take your places."
"Let's do this!" I cheered. Suddenly the room around us morphed into the familiar fighting arena with green cross-hatched walls seemingly going on forever.
"Let's rock!" TJ called.
"Right!" Both Ashley and I replied in unison. We then all jumped towards the strange purple and yellow monsters.
I kicked away one of the craterites and then knocked another one away from TJ. Suddenly everything shook and in a flash we were on the megaship again.
"The simulation web just disappeared!" Ashley exclaimed.
"Then, who are they?!" I asked as the monsters we had just been fighting in the simulation attacked. They then raced out of the room.
"Wait! Stop!" I called after them.
"There's too many of them." TJ declared.
"They're getting away." Ashley called as suddenly the megalift doors opened and Cassie, Ashley and Carlos ran out.
"Are you alright?" Carlos asked as he helped me up. I thanked him as Andros and Cassie helped up TJ and Ashley.
"What happened? How can a simulation be real?" As I asked this DECA's voice rang out,
"Craterites escaping through the cargo bay."
"Let's go!" Carlos called as we all ran into the megalift.
We managed to run out and down the corridor just as the last Craterite jumped out of the cargo bay doors.
"This is crazy! There must be thousands of them!" TJ declared as he rested a hand on my shoulder, ensuring I didn't fall out the door.
*          *          *
"Let's head for the centre of Angel Grove and fan out from there." Andros decided as they flew on their galaxy gliders. I had stayed back on the megaship, communicating with the Rangers and giving them help. In order for them to scout the area they needed to demorph. The Rangers were still confused by my reluctance to demorph and reveal my identity to them but after my memories of Andros resurfaced I felt as though I couldn't. I felt like I was being a coward refusing to face him but the thought of his reaction scared me. What if he didn't remember me? What if he didn't care? I pushed these thoug.hts away as Alpha entered the room.
"Maddison!" He said, suprise evident in his voice.
"Hey alpha." I waved before turning to my control console.
"Guys, these monsters have one purpose. To fight Power Rangers. They're dangerous and you neds to be on your guard."
"Right." TJ agreed. "We'll split up and find them. Maddi, you and Alpha look for abnornal signals or any indications of Craterites."
"You got it." I nodded. "Well Alpha, let's do this!"
The young boy Patrick from  Cassie and Carlos' fitness group for kids was heading next door so that his neighbour Mrs Jenkins could take him to school. He knocked on the door but when there was no reply he went to the window. With a gasp he saw the Craterites, disguised as Mother, Father and Child. Patrick stumbled backwards and raced down the steps feom his building only to encounter the postman, another Craterite. Patrick looked around worriedly and began to notice that everyone was a Craterite. Without looking back he raced towards the town centre.
"Woah, Patrick what's wrong?" asked the Police officer, kneeling down to Patrick's height.
"Mrs Jenkins was supposed to take me to school but when I knocked she didn't answer. So I looked and I saw..." He trailed off as he noticed the reflection in the car wing mirror. Instead of a police officer in front of him.there was a pink and yellow monster.
"What did you see next door Patrick?" The police officer asked. When Patrick turned back to look at him he looked normal but there was a strange glint in his eye. Patrick backed away and ran off as the 'Police officer' chuckled sinisterly, closing the door, leaving the real Police Officer struggling against his bonds in the back.
"Guys! Guys! You gotta help me!" Patrick pleaded as he raced after his friends who did the fitness group with him.
"There's aliens everywhere and they're after me."
"Even the Policeman. I saw his face."
"And then they attacked you right?" Asked ond of the noys mockingly as the whole group knew of Patrick and his 'stories'. As they skated away on their boards Patrick walked over to a bench and sat down on it, hugging his knees.
Carlos and Cassie where wandering around lpoking for signs of Craterites when Cassie spotted Patrick sobning on the benh. She nodded her head towards Patrick and headed towards him, Carlos following.
"Patrick what's wrong?" She asked, kneeling down in front of him, Carlos next to her.
"You'll never believe me. Even my best friends wouldn't listen." He cried.
"You know Patrick, you've tpld a lot of stories. And so many that it's made peopld wonder what to believe. You know what I mean?" Patrick nodded sadly.
"Hey, how about we walk you home?" Cassie asked.
"Well... Okay." Cassie smiled, taking Patrick's hand as they both stood up.
*          *          *
When they got back to Patrick's he lifted the doormat and retrieved the key from under it, unlocking the door.
"Couldn't you guys come in until my mum comes home?"
Cassie sighed unhappily. "We're kinda in the middle of something," she exchanged glances with Carlos, "But, you'll be okay."
"Yeah, and remember when the going gets tough you can always count on the Power Rangers."
"Now you're telling the stories." Patrick smiled, looking up at them both before walking inside. "Bye."
*          *          *
Ashley, TJ and Andros were walking round a construction sight.
"I don't know. Maybe they left Angel Grove." Ashley sighed.
"Unlikely. They've got be here somewhere." Andros said as they all walked around, exploring. Suddenly Maddison's voice rang out.
"Hey guys, I thought you might wanna know, you're surrounded by Craterites."

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