Never stop searching (2)

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Carlos was in the glider bay fixing Andro's galaxy glider when Ashley, TJ and Cassie walked in.
"Hey carlos." One of them said.
"Need any help?" TJ asked crouching down.
"No thanks, I'm about finished." Carlos replied.
"Cool. See you in the morning." Said TJ, patting Carlos on the back before leaving.
"Good night." The girls called. As they left Carlos stood up and wiped down the galaxy glider before pushing it into the corner and continuing to work on it.
*          *          *
Andros was in the bridge at a control console and he was looking intently at a screen. DECA's voice interrupted the silence.
"No life forms are detected in this galaxy."
"All right," Came Andro's reply."Let's scan the next sector."
"Beginning a scan of Delta sector now" Deca said as Andros sat in his chair on the bridge. As he sat down he reached to his neck and pulled a locket from around his neck. He took a small chip from it and placed it in a slot in the console. Suddenly on the viewing screen a young Andros came into view.
*          *          *
Andros was holding a ball. He let go of it and it hovered in the air. He then made in spin and using his powers he pushed it towards the girl he was sitting across from. She smiled and raised her hands, using her own owers to push it back. Suddenly the ball started floating off and young Andros wandered after it. The young girl watched with a smile on her face. Andros laughed and chased after the ball. He grabbed it ut suddenly a shrill scream echoed through the forest they were playing in.
"Andros!" The young girl called. "Andros help me."
"Karone?" Andros called. A faint call could be heard from far away.
"Andros help me!"
*          *          *
As the clip finished Andros addressed DECA,
"If I can find out who that is DECA, I can find out who took my sister." He said, referring to the blurry image of a monster taking young Karone.
"It is getting very late, Andros. Do you wish to continue the search?"
"Yes, I will never stop searching." He said determinedly.  Andros was too caught up watching the clip to realize that Carlos had seen the whole thing. Carlos was passing by on his way to his quarters when he saw the clip. He frowned, deep in thought before walking away.
"Resuming search of Delta Sector."
*         *         *
Carlos was lying awake in his bed, thinking about the clip he had seen Andros watching. He had many questions.
*          *           *
In the bridge DECA was talking to Andros.

"Sector scan 98% complete. No life forms detected."

Good night DECA." He said halfheartedly, leaving the bridge with the map he had been studying. Just as he walked into the mega lift DECA called to him.
"Andros, a life-form has been detected."
"Where?" Andros asked eagerly.
"In the Karova system, on KO-35."
"Home? Of course! She wouldn't know that the colony was deserted years ago." He said eagerly. "She would go home. DECA set a course for KO-35."

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