Never stop searching (4)

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"Any news RIKI?" I called as I walked into my ship.

"There is Maddison."

"Really?!" I asked taken aback.
"I have discovered a reading. From KO-35."
"KO-35?" I asked confusedly. What would anyone be doing on my home planet. It had been abandoned long ago. Maybe my people had come back.
"RIKI how many..." I began.
"I'm sorry Maddison, there is only one life sign." I sighed sadly but smiled.
"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" I called, sitting in my seat and pressing the controls to start flying.
*          *          *
I arrived on KO-35 and powered up. I looked around, a feeling of nostalgia bubbling up inside.
"Hey RIKI, where's that life sign coming from." I asked, taking in the familiar sights around me.
"It appears that there are two life signs, other than you Maddison."
"Is that a good or a bad thing?" I asked cautiously.
"I cannot tell. You must find out for yourself."
"Right!" I muttered determinedly.
*          *          *
I turned a corner in time to see the Red Ranger battling Ecliptor. I gasped, stuck in place as I watched the Ranger being hit multiple times.

"I didn't think it would be so easy." I heard Ecliptor say, pointing his sword at the Red Ranger.
"It won't be!" The Ranger replied, grabbing his blaster and firing at Ecliptor. Ecliptor deflected the shot and it hit the Ranger instead. Ecliptor walked menacingly towards him when suddenly I attacked.
"Hi-yah!" I called, brandishing my mystic sword. I hit Ecliptor in the back and he growled at me as he turned around.
"You again?!"
"Can't get rid of me!" I said cheerfully as our swords clashed. I grunted as he pressed towards me, his sword nearing me. I managed to push him away and we both stumbled. I then swung my sword and hit him in the back again, making him fall to his knees. I heard the Red Ranger stand up behind me and then I heard more footsteps. I looked behind me to see the Black Ranger helping the Red Ranger up.
"You okay?" He asked.
"Yeah." The Red Ranger replied.
"Who is that?" Asked the Black Ranger.
"I don't know." Said the Red Ranger, tilting his head to the side as though trying to figure me out. Then he came to his senses and questioned the Black Ranger. "What are you doing here?"
"We're a team remember." I was too caught up listening to their conversation that I didn't realize Ecliptor had stood up and was charging towards me. I felt a sharp pain as his sword came into contact with my side and he threw me to the side. I landed on my back gasping and struggled to my feet in time to see the Black Ranger dive in front of the Red Ranger, saving him from the bolt of electricity Ecliptor had sent.
"NO!" I yelled watching in horror as I ran up to Ecliptor, rage giving me strength. We started fighting and I was hit a few times. I managed to get my blaster out and shoot Ecliptor. Once he was down I ran over to the Black and Red Ranger.
"Go get out of here!" I said urgently. The Rangers nodded and I heard one of them say,
"Galaxy glider, hang ten." I watched them jump on and turned back to face Ecliptor, dread filling me as I realized that although I was tired and starting to lose energy Ecliptor was just warming up. I cried out as he sent a bolt of electricity towards me and I flew through the air before landing hard on my stomach. I groaned, trying to stand u and failing. I watched as Ecliptor walked menacingly towards me. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist before standing up, using my sword to support me and then charged at Ecliptor, striking a blow so that he fell to his knees.
"You will pay for this." He growled, looking up at me before disappearing.
I sighed in relief and slowly walked back to my ship.

*.         *.          *. 

I winced as I wrapped my arm in a bandage.
"Hey RIKI, what did you think of my fighting skills?"
"I was very impressed Maddison."
"Thank you." I said happily smiling to myself before wincing again. The fight with Ecliptor had been tough and I wondered about the Black Ranger. Was he okay? And why was the Red Ranger here in the first place. I decided to voice my thoughts.
"RIKI what was the Red Ranger doing here in the first place?" I asked curiously.
"It appears that he was looking for someone. Would you like to see it on the viewing screen?" RIKI asked.
"Yes please." I said as I watched the Red Ranger appear. He looked around and started walking in one direction before calling out a name.
"Karone!" He called and I gasped. The name jolted something in me, awakened an old memory that I didn't realize I had. I tried to recall where I had heard that name but it was useless.
"RIKI where would I have heard that name before?"
"Perhaps it's an old childhood memory." She said and I thought about it. Suddenly I heard a beeping noise.
"Six more life signs have just appeared Maddison."
"Six?!" I stood up and morphed before racing out of my ship.

*         *         *
I raced round a corner to see that Ecliptor had become huge. His back was to me and I realized that the Rangers were in front of him. All of them, Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink.
I heard the Pink Ranger speak,"Let's show him who he's messing with."
"Right." Chorused the other rangers.
"Ecliptor you're history!" The Red Ranger called as all the Rangers ran towards him.
"Astroblasters fire!" They shouted, firing at the gigantic Ecliptor as he loomed over them. I watched in suspense before the smoke cleared, revealing that Ecliptor still stood towering over them.
"Nice try." Ecliptor mocked.
"We need more power. Alpha lock megalasers on Ecliptor." I heard the Black Ranger order. He seemed to be speaking into his morphing device. I realized that he must be contacting the ship that the Rangers controlled.
I heard a reply come, seconds later.

"Oh no Rangers! The megalasers have been damaged. I cannot help you."

"Oh no..." The Red Ranger muttered. The Rangers watched worriedly as Ecliptor raised his sword but I was determined not to let him hurt them. I shot at him with my astroblaster before racing forwards  so that I was in front of him. I was also in front of the Rangers.
"Need some help?" I asked before yelling,
"Mystic sword!" I shot a bolt of purple Energy and it hit Ecliptor. Sparks erupted and he growled angrily before disappearing in smoke. I knew I had caused some damage. I heard cheering behind me and I turned to see the Rangers jumping excitedly.
"Hey thanks, you really saved us!" Said TJ holding my shoulder gently. Suddenly the Red Ranger cut through the celebrating.
"It was all a trick..." He mumbled.
I heard the Black Ranger telling the Red Ranger to go back to the ship. I realized that they might ask me to come back so I turned on my heel and ran. I turned a corner and stopped, peering back to see the Rangers looking around confusedly before beaming to their ship. Once they were gone I allowed myself to breathe and power down. I winced again at my arm before sighing and heading back to my ship.
*         *          *

"Maddison, why did you run away?" RIKI asked as I returned.
"Because... Because..." I began but I couldn't finish my sentence.
"Maddison..." RIKI threatened.
"Because I'm so used to working alone." I admitted. "It would be weird working with them RIKI."
"But didn't you hear. They're a team. And a team makes you stronger." RIKI said, trying to convince me.
"It doesn't matter now." I sighed. "Let's go back to Earth."

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