TJ's identity crisis (2)

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No!" Andros called, crawling to his friend's side.
My muscles finally caught up with my brain and I raced towards the two, panting worriedly at my friend as he lay response less on the ground, his helmet displaying large cracks.
"You're next Red Ranger." Darkliptor warned.
"TJ, are you okay? Talk to me! TJ!" Andres cried, grabbing the blue Ranger's shoulders.
Darkliptor stalked towards us and I gripped my weapon tightly.
With a yell of anger I raced towards him, tasing my weapon above my head and bringing it down with vicious force. He only had time to bring up his own weapon in defence before I was pressing him backwards.
I span out of the way as I watched Carlos race up behind us and jump on him from behind, knocking Darkliptor to the floor.
"Come on Andros, lets get out of here." He called. Before he could take a step towards me, Darkliptor shot bolts of electricity towards him, wrapping him in their blue glow before he too succumbed to the ice and froze just like the others.
"Andros! We have to go!" I urged desperately. "We can't help them if we get hit too!"
Andros nodded.
"Galaxy glider, hang ten!" We both called and our gliders raced towards us. Within minutes we were back on the ship, Andros carrying TJ on his shoulders.

*.           *.           *. 

"Get him to the med bay!" I cried, racing along in front of Andros, informing Alpha of what had occurred on the planet and why we were three Rangers down.
The doors to the med bay hissed open and Andros gently lowered TJ onto the bed.
He then began a full body scan.
Minutes later, both Andros and TJ had demorphed and I stood nervously beside Andros as he collected the results of the scan.
TJ looked so peaceful lying down. He could have been sleeping.
I gasped as he jolted into a seated position.
"Woah, easy there. You took a hard hit." Andros placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.
"Are you okay TJ?" I asked nervously.
"TJ? Who are you talking about. And what are you wearing?" He asked, looking from me to Andros and back to me as he noticed my suit.
"Very funny." Andros said as TJ hopped off the bed. "We have work to do."
I watched TJ with narrowed eyes and a sense of    dread filling me.
"Darkliptor still has the others, remember?" Andros continued.
"No, I don't remember. Darkliptor? And who are you?"
I gasped and stumbled back slightly. This couldn't be possible.
Suddenly TJ groaned, his hand flying up to his temple and rubbing it as though trying to soothe a headache.
TJ May be suffering from amnesia.
DECA announced. The confused man stared up at the camera and his eyes widened visibly before he spun on the spot and tore out of the room.
Andros and I exchanged a frantic look before speeding out of the med bay after our friend.

*.         *.          *.  

As we rushed confusedly around the ship, I took it upon myself to grab Andros and stop running so that we could think rationally.
"Let's ask DECA to scan for him so that we don't waste our breath." I suggested.
"Good idea." Andros nodded.
"Life form belonging to TJ registered in the Bridge."
Andros and I shared a triumphant look before racing to the closest Lift.
As the lift pinged, informing is of its arrival at the Bridge I heard Alpha's robotics voice,
"We're orbiting the planet Brokaya."
Following Andros out of the lift I was able to see TJ gasp in response to Alpha and the robot gasp in response to TJ's gasp.
"This is the Astro mega ship." Andros said, walking up to our friend. "Think." He urged, placing a hand on his shoulder. "You've got to remember, we need your help."
At the mention of 'we', TJ craned his neck to look at me. I smiled softly, approaching slowly, carefully, like one would approach a wounded animal.
"My help? I don't even know who I am."
"Concentrate!" Andros urged. "You're TJ. You're the Blue Power Ranger."
I could see TJ becoming more and more confused at Andros' words, stepping back from the smaller man slightly.
"Andros, be careful. He doesn't remember himself, let alone me and you. You're scaring him." I gripped his wrist, gently pulling him away from TJ. His eyes searched the dark visor of my suit, it felt as though he could see right through me. As though he could remember me.
He opened his mouth to speak.
"Incoming message." DECA chimed.
Suddenly the viewing screen lit up and Darkliptor appeared. In the background I could vaguely see Cassie, still captive in her frozen state.
"Remaining Rangers, return and deal with me or I'll destroy your three friends. Now!"
"Come on, we have to go!" Andros said urgently.
"What? I'm not going anywhere. You're wrong, you made a mistake. I'm not the Blue Power Ranger."
"You are! You have to!" Andros began to shout. "Watch me. Let's rocket!"
Andros transformed in front of us both and TJ looked curiously at his own morpher. His eyes widened and he shook his head.
"Then we'll have to go back to the planet by ourselves." Andros said turning to me.
I nodded and he disappeared first. I turned to Alpha.
"Look after him."

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