Shell shocked (3)

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"And here's where we use the jump tubes to morph onto the galaxy riders or onto the space shuttle." Ashley explained to Donny, mikey and Leo as she showed them around the megaship.
"And then the shuttle combines with the megaship to form the astro megazord?" Asked donny.
"Exactly." Replied Carlos who was also showing the Purple, Orange and Blue turtle around.
"Whoa, Pizza!" Exclaimed Leo as he came across the synthetron.
*       *       *
On the little screen Andros watched the turtles through DECA's CCTV cameras.
"Ashley, now about the navigational system," Began Donny as he put an arm around her shoulder," This computer DECA, It knows everything?"
"Are you spying Andros?" DECA asked. Suddenly Cassie walked into the room where Andros had been watching Ashley and Carlos with three of the turtles. Cassie had just walked in with the remaining two, Raph (Red) and Venus (Female blue).
"And this, this is the engine room. Home of the universes only mega accelerator." Cassie said proudly showing them the engine.
"So just how fast can this ship go?" Asked Raph.
"Maximum Hyper Rush Velocity is classified information." DECA cut in.
"I see." Raph said with gritted teeth. Suddenly Alpha's voice interrupted the silence.
"Ladies and gentlemen, and turtles we're over New York city!"
"Whoa! That's our stop. Meet you on the bridge." Raph said as he and Venus went to find the other turtles.
"What I want to know is why so many questions about the megaship?" Andros asked Cassie.
"Well, they're just... curious." Cassie answered."I mean not everybody grew up with a space ship in their garage."
"We don't have garages... We have skyports." Andros said and Cassie laughed before walking away.
"Andros the main computer control port has been opened." DECA informed Andros before he ran out of the engine room.
"I knew it!"
*          *          *

"You are not authorized to access this computer terminal." DECA's voice informed the turtles as they prised open the terminal. Instead of listening to DECA the turtles brandished a pair of wire cutters and proceeded to snip the blue wire in the terminal. Suddenly Andros ran around the corner and saw the turtles by the computer terminal.
"What are you doing?!" He asked.
"Just giving your buddy DECA a better attitude." Replied Leo as Donny shut the computer terminal. Suddenly DECA called out,
"I've been certified turtlefied !" Andros looked at the camera questioningly before Leo said,
"And you're next." Leo said before trying to attack Andros but he dodged and knocked him over. He then grabbed Donny who tried to attack him and twisted his arm.
"Wait. Can't we talk about this?" He said before getting kicked by Andros which meant that he fell back into Leo and Mikey. He then ran off down the corridor.
"After him!" Called Donny.
*          *         *
In the bridge Cassie and Ashley were piloting the ship with Alpha when suddenly the ship turned around causing them to stumble.
"DECA what's going on?" Ashley asked.
"I can tell you," Replied Alpha,"We're leaving the Earth's orbit. And someone has lowered our defenses
"Yeah and that someone would be us." Said Venus from next to a control panel where she was standing with Raph.
"This ship is officially a green machine." He added. Suddenly Astronema, Elgar and a few quantrons appeared on the bridge.
"Take the Megaship!" Astronema ordered as more quantrons appeared and started to fight Ashley and Cassie.
One of the quantrons grabbed Alpha and he called for help.
"Alpha!" Ashley and Cassie started towards him but Venus and Raph stopped them.
"I don't think so!" said Raph, standing in front of them and crossing his arms.
"Get them." Venus ordered the quantrons. Suddenly Ashley opened the door that was behind her and Cassie and they made a run for it.
"Whoa, don't let them get away." Called Raph as he and Venus chased after them with the quantrons.
*          *         *
Andros was running down the corridor until he got to the ladder he started to climb up it, panting and checking to see if he was being followed. As he disappeared up the ladder and out of sight Donny, Mikey and Leo ran round the corner and continued on.
*        *        *
Meanwhile Carlos and TJ were walking together when they turned a corner.
"Something wrong here..." Carlos was saying to TJ as they rounded the corner.
"Quantrons?!" TJ said as they readied themselves to attack. They tried to defeat them but TJ was hit into the wall and Carlos was grabbed by two quantrons.

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