A Ranger among thieves (3)

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Maddison P.O.V*

  I was still on the megaship while the other Rangers had gone down to Earth. They decided that it would look rather strange if a Ranger was following them around. They preferred to keep their identity's a secret. I was exploring the megaship as I was bored when I heard DECA calling for me,
"Ranger! There is a disturbance on Earth!" I raced to the bridge and saw on the viewing screen that the Red Ranger was fighting a monster.
"What is that?" I asked curiously.
"Voltagehog." DECA answered. I nodded before saying,
"I should probably help him right?"
Affirmative." DECA answered and I prepared myself to be beamed down to Earth.
I landed and found that I was in a power station. I spun around hurriedly to try and find the disturbance but instead I was facing Andros.
"Too late?" I asked, sighing as he nodded slowly. 
"What's he up to?" Andros murmured quietly.
"Ranger, keep a lookout for that monster. I have feeling we haven't seen the last of him." He instructed me and I nodded.
"Where are you going?" I said, turning round to face him as he started to run off.
"There's something I have to do."

*          *          *


Andros ran around the corner and demorphed. As he ran he thought about the strange Purple Ranger. There was something about her that was strange but he couldn't quite place it. Eventually he ran around a corner to see Chuck, David and Suzy in front of the Surf Spot van.
"You going to help me?" Chuck questioned David as they took the seat out of the car. Suzy looked up and noticed Andros standing there watching them.
"Hey Andros!" She said in surprise, getting Chuck's attention.
"Hey that's Adelle's missing van." Andros said happily.
"She loaned it to us." Chuck sneered, "Permanently."
As Chuck said this Andros looked at his surroundings,realizing that he stood in a car scrapyard. Realization dawned on him and he turned to Chuck.
"You. You're the thieves?"
Chuck rolled his eyes at Andros.
"I thought we were becoming friends." Andros said, feeling betrayed. He turned to the two that stood behind Chuck.
"David? Suzy?" He asked but they looked away guiltily as Chuck turned to glare at them menacingly. "These cars are all going back to their owners."Andros told the group of three.
"Back to their owners? He's crazy." Chuck said before going after Andros. Suddenly David grabbed his arm.
"Just leave him alone." He urged but Chuck only glared at him before yanking his arm out of Davids grip. As David rounded a corner looking for Andros he instead came across Voltagehog who laughed evilly and roared before chasing after him. Chuck's eyes widened as the creature ran towards him and grabbed him, throwing him to the side where he collided with a car and fell to the floor. Voltagehog then reached down to pick him up and lifted him off the floor. Chuck started yelling which caught the attention of David and Suzy. They raced around the corner and cried out as Voltagehog threw Chuck through the air. They raced over to him and helped him up.
"Boy are you guys in for a shock." Voltagehog laughed menacingly as David, Chuck and Suzy stood together helplessly.
Suddenly the Purple Ranger appeared and flipped over Voltagehog so that she was standing in front of the group.
"Not on my watch!" She ran forwards and jumped, kicking Voltagehog before landing, crouched on the floor. She rose up and was about to attack again when Andros jumped from out of nowhere and landed a kick on Voltagehog's back making him stumble.
"She right! You want them you got to go through us." Andros declared pointing at Voltagehog, who growled and answered,
"Glad to oblige." Andros ran up to Voltagehog and manage to block his hits. The purple Ranger circled Voltagehog, aiming a few punches at him. Andros clutched his stomach as Voltgehog managed to hit him. In retaliation the Purple Ranger kicked him in the bag making him fall to his knees.
Meanwhile Chuck was fleeing . "Come on! Run!" He called to David and Suzy who started to follow him but as they heard two cries from behind them they stopped. As they turned around they saw both Andros and the Ranger on the floor with Voltagehog advancing towards them.
"Come on." Suzy told David and they ran back the way they had come from. As they passed a few bins they picked them up and manage to throw them, hitting Voltagehog and knocking him away from Andros and the Ranger.
The Purple Ranger looked around in confusion as she stood up. David and Suzy then ran to Andros and helped him up too.
"You okay?" Suzy asked.
Yeah, thanks." Andros replied. As the Ranger stood up she understood that the two civilian didn't know that Andro was a ranger. She was not about to blow his cover so she told them to run. As they turned a corner she faced Voltagehog who was starting to get up and decided to run after Andros, David and Suzy.
"Where did they go?" Voltagehog asked as he stood up and looked around. "They won't get away that easily." He growled, stomping his foot before disappearing in a flash of electricity.
"I guess you guys aren't so bad after all." Andros told David and Suzy as they stopped to catch their breath. David and Suzy smiled and ran off. Andros ran the other direction and hid behind one of the many cars in the place. He then peered around the edge of the car to check that David and Suzy wouldn't see him before shouting,
"Let's rocket!"
Voltageghog appeared in a field after transporting himself through the electricity pylons. Unfortunately for him Andros and the Purple Ranger had been tracking him. When he turned around to survey his surroundings both the Red and Purple Rangers jumped towards him, first the Red Ranger and the  the Purple Ranger. They landed next to each other in a crouch and stood up. Andros raced towards Voltagehog with the Purple Ranger close behind when suddenly they were attacked with beams of energy from behind. Crying out they both fell to the floor before hurriedly standing up again.

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