Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"What the heck is a dhampir? It better not be a codeword for whore or slut," I glared but Viper shook his head.

"It means you are a half-vampire and half-human. You can hunt vampires like no one else can," Viper said.

"Hunt vampires? Dude, I just realized that I'm surrounded by vampires, nevertheless kill them," I said incredulously.

"Not just vampires. Dhampir are usually trained to kill the vampires with no heart and kill recklessly. You can't kill anyone here," he said with authority.

"Oh. Then shouldn't I be sent into a school where dhampirs are?" I asked him dumbly.

"There are no other schools. We are the last and only school left," Dane said for me.

"Wait, so I'm the only half-vampire girl in the whole world or something?"

"Precisely," said Viper.

The bell rang, signaling that it was time for lunch, but Viper told me to go see Xerin, the ass that stopped the fight that I was about to start on my first day.

I knocked on his office door and he said, "Come in."

I entered to see a giant office with no windows, covered is massive shelves of books. Wow, this guy has no life. Xerin heard that and frowned but I just smile innocently.

"So, I heard that you obliterated Dane today as well as show enormous talent on knifing," he stated.

I shrugged, "Don't forget that I found out that I'm a dhampir."

"Yes, that also," he stopped and seem to think for a minute.

"Did you know that when your mom used to go to school here?" he asked me.

I looked at him but shook my head.

"Ah, an excellent pupil. She mastered everything, including combat and such," he said.

I sat on one of the chairs and thought about mom in the few years that I spent with her. She had taught me how to defend myself, but she have never taught me to defend myself when she died.

"So what do you to talk to me about?" I asked him, clearing my thoughts.

"Since you're the only dhampir here, you have my permission to use the equipment to train. But I forbid you to hurt any students, understand?" he asked sternly.

"Yes, sir," I mock salute him.

"One more thing, you have to learn to block your mind so people won't be offended by your thoughts," he scowled.

I was pretty sure he heard my thoughts about him having no life or something. I almost smiled but nodded and left the office.

Lunch was still in session as I walked in the cafeteria, and made my way to grab some food. Catcalls and whistles erupted as I walked pass but I just kept an apathetic mask and made my way to my friends.

"Heard you kick Dane's ass today," Jay smiled at me.

"Oh, yeah. You okay, Dane?" I turned to him and he gave me a barely there smile.

"Yeah, but having a chick kick my ass kind of wounded my ego," he replied.

I rolled my eyes as the boys laugh. Then the whole cafeteria went quiet and I saw Keller and his crew consisting of big pale vampires, walked towards us.

We all tensed as he came up to me, "So, dhampir, I hope you fight well, because my boys surely did."

I took out my fingerless leather gloves I use when I fight, and slip them on.

"That's pretty sad considering you hire people to hurt me instead of doing the work yourself," I said in a bored voice.

Dane glared at Keller and balled his hands into fists. Sitting next to him, I put a hand on his arm to calm him.

"Please, I can kill you blindfolded," Keller scoffed.

I raised my eyebrows, "Oh, this I like to see."

Keller looked scared for a minute before reaching out to grab me. I ducked quickly, used my momentum and swung a kick right on his manhood. He gasp, eyes bulging as one of his guys tried to punch me which I blocked and slammed him onto the ground. The other guy grabbed my hair, but I elbowed his crotch and he went down. The last guy standing tried to push me, but I punch high on his chin and broke his jaw.

I yawned and sat back down next to Dane and chewed on my food like nothing happen.

"You, bitch, are going to pay for this," Keller gasp and limped away with his three pathetic puppies following close behind him.

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