Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

The week passed by in a blur, and all too soon, it was Friday, the day that girls would be staying over in NA. I woke up Friday morning with a slight exhausting and tingly with anticipation for something. I got dressed in my uniform, grabbed my stuff, and walked into the kitchen to see the boys all dressed up and clean. That is a shock, because these guys are never this clean. They don't comb their hair, or button their shirt, or tie their shoes for the matter.

"Jeez, what's the occasion, people?" I asked them with raised eyebrows.

They turned to scowl at me and Glen replied, "We have to look good for the girls."

I scoffed, "I feel sad for them."

At that moment, Dane walked in with his usual demure and grace that only he can pull off. He wasn't as dressed up as the guys, but he wasn't looking bad either.

"You're not going to clean up for Felicity?" Jay asked him, while I deliberately avoid Dane's gaze.

Ever since he told me that he was to go to the ball with Felicity, I avoid interaction with him as much as possible. Though Felicity is his parent's choice, it still aches my heart to see him with another girl.

Dane answered tersely, "Nope."

The guys looked confused for a moment, but shrugged it off. I soon found myself looking at Dane and as though he felt my gaze, he turn to stare back. Our connection and heat snapped into place and somehow, I felt heat ran everywhere through my body. It lasted for a moment until I heard a pounding at the door. It was obnoxious and I sighed to open it. I swung the door open to see a really gorgeous girl with straight blond hair that flows down her back, bright blue eyes, a face with high cheekbones, aristocratic nose, and pink lips.

"Is Dane here? I'm Felicity," she said in her baby voice.

I didn't respond immediately, but kept my gaze on her the whole time. She met mine and we stared down for a moment. I had a really weird vibe coming off of her somehow. My defenses were raised and my eyes narrowed. Somehow, I feel that this girl isn't who she said she is.

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