Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

People call me a bitch all the time, and that was because I have a usual tendency to judge people really quick based on their looks, attitude, or how they speak. But that was when I was still at home, back in the popular crowd, with an untouchable air of the ice queen. But that all changed since I came to Nightshade. A lot of things had happened and now, I no longer judge people from the outside, I judge people from their vibe. I know, nutty right? But before you judge, understand that vampires have a essence that can both be menacing or kind. And this girl, Felicity, has a sense of taunting menace that apparently, only I could sense.

"Felicity, come in," Glen said with a big smile and happy eyes. It was like he the prince, seeing a beautiful princess for the first time.

Felicity giggled, and walked past me and set her things down on the living room floor.

Jay, Lance, Heath, and Glen all went to kiss her cheek and hand, while Dane stared at her with bitterness and resentment. I wonder if he could feel the same thing I felt when I first met her? I hope so.

Felicity turned to Dane and ran to him with vampire speed and kissed him loudly on the lips. Right then and there, I wanted to rip her to pieces and dropped them in a fire or volcano.

"I missed you, Dane," she cooed as she held Dane tight in a gripping embrace. Dane looked tortured and glanced at me quickly.

Dane loosened her away from him and asked, "Where are my parents?"

She smiled, flashing white teeth and a hint of sharp fangs, "They're coming up. They were talking to Xerin when I ran up here to see you."

Dane nodded absently while Felicity glanced at me in contempt. I flashed her a really quick middle finger salute and walked into the kitchen. When I left, I heard her say, "So this is your roommate?"

Dane replied, "Yeah, that's Lexi."

"Is she a bitch like that everyday?" She asked in a haughty tone and I walked angrily out to the living room, where she was standing.

"Skank, listen. I have ears that can hear miles away. If you have something to say, say it in front of my face," I snapped, eyes staring daggers.

Heath and Lance walked quickly between us before I could of done anything rash. Felicity made a show of hiding behind Dane while I stared at her, gaze unwavering.

We heard another knock on the door and Glen quickly went to open it. We all turned to face our guests and I met a set of blue eyes of a man, and dark brown ones of a woman. The man was around 6'3 with a tall build, cunning eyes, sharp nose, and a handsome face, and dark brown hair. He look like he was around his early thirties. The woman was about 5'9 with dark hair like Dane's, dark brown eyes, and a beautiful face. Though she was indeed beautiful, it was the man that I kept my eyes on. There was something about him that makes me want to run away, but there was another part of me that kept my grounded. I felt like I should recognize him somehow, like there was a sent of a weird connection between me and him. As if he heard that, Dane's dad turned to stare at me with a slight smirk that makes me want to puke.

"Hey, Mom. Hey Dad," Dane said sullenly and his parents pulled him into a strained hug.

It was suppose to be a touching scene, but I looked like it was forced. Ouch.

"Dane, I'm sure that you had a good year so far?" Dane's father asked.

Dane's shrugged and turned to face the the rest of us.

"Guys, these are my parents, Devlin Mercer and Quin Mercer," Dane said.

Yeah, Dane's last name is Mercer, as he told us not too long ago.

We said hellos and Dane said, "These are my roommates, Glen, Heath, Jay, Lance, and Lexi."

His parents look at the guys in turn then turn to me. "Lexi, how unusual. Is it short for something?" Devlin asked.

I looked in him warily but answered, "It's short of Alexandrina."

He nodded with a slight smile and I tried hard not to cringe away from this strange man.

"Well, I'm sure you have a long day ahead. Felicity will be staying with us, but for now, she will be with you," Quin said directly at Dane, and Dane nodded reluctantly.

The parents left, but not before Devlin turning to look at me for a moment, and Felicity stood up next to Dane. She shot me a look of disdain and grabbed Dane's hand out the door. It was a moment before anyone moved and I turned to the guys, "Well..,.I'm going to class."

"Yeah, let's go," Heath agreed and we all shuffled outside.

"Did anyone feel weird when Felicity entered?" I asked innocently

"Beside all of us feeling a little horny by the sight of her, no, not really," Jay answered, and I stifle a smile.

So my theory was correct. Whatever Felicity's vibe was, only I felt it. The guys were to dazzle by her looks to see through her mask. Something was up, and the feeling of dread washed through me as I went to class. That dread never lessened, but it grew as we got closer and closer to the Winter Solstice Ball. Whatever it was, my intuition is telling me to brace myself for what is to happen. Soon.

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