Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

To say that Dane and I got closer and closer would be a lie. Actually, what happened was the total opposite. He ignored me in our dorm, and barely said anything unless he was answering a question. Occasionally, our eyes would meet and he would always look away first. I would of thought that kiss changed something, but I guess I was wrong. And it hurt...a lot. What I felt with Dane was something more than a casual fling, or a one night stand. We had chemistry, but I guess sometimes chemistry is not enough.

"Ms. McKay?"

I heard my name and whipped my head to the front of the room, breaking out of my trance.

"Yeah?" I asked Mike. He was standing in front of the board, going over something about something.

"Can you please tell me what are the vital organs that vampires need to protect?" He asked me with raised brows.

"The heart and the neck," I answered.

"Correct," and he turned back to his lecture once again.

Once the bell rang, I bolted out of my seat to find Jay and Heath waiting for me by the door as usual.

"So, Lexi, who are you going to ask to the Winter Solstice Ball?" Heath asked me, with obvious eagerness.

"Um. What?" I asked them in plain confusion.

"You know, the ball that we have every year. Formal, dancing, and all the good stuff," Jay told me with a smile.

"But this is an all-boys school," I pointed out.

"Actually, the school gives us two weeks to look for dates. Either we invite a girl we know, or we can go look for one. They will let us to go to town this weekend, so we can do something chick hunting," Heath answered.

"Huh," was all that I could replied.

As I walked to my final class of the day, all I can hear was the buzz about who to take to the ball and what they should wear. I nearly laughed to myself since I guess boys do worry about their appearances just like girls. As I walked into the classroom, everything stops and all the boys turn to look. Okay, I know they are checking me out, but come on, I been in this school for awhile now.

A cocky and arrogant guy with light brown hair and gray eyes approached me with a smirk. I think his name was Benson and he has a reputation of a player and a man-whore. Oh boy, not another douche to deal with.

"So Lexi, got a date for the ball yet?" He asked me with a grin that probably melted girl's heart worldwide. But, not me, since I'm immune to most boy's shit.

I stared at him, "Yeah, I did. Robert Pattinson just asked me."

He looked at me with a smile that makes me pissed off for some reason, "Aww, Lexi, don't play hard to get. I'm totally into you."

"But I'm not into you. So if you are trying to ask me to go to the ball, the answer is a no. And it will be a no, until the world ends," I said and ignored him.

He shook his head and glared at me, "Bitch, do you know how many girls would kill for this opportunity?"

I raised my eyebrows, "Opportunity to what? See how big your penis is? No thanks, why don't you ask your so called "many girls" to the ball."

"Just so it matter, it's pretty big," he snapped and walked away, embarrassed that he was rejected.

"Congratulations, I'm sure a big penis can get you far," I muttered and he turn back to glare at me.

I gave him a smirk and he looked away.

"Jeez, Lex, evil aren't you?" I turned to see Lance smiling at me and put his books down onto the table right next to mine.

"That's how I deal with jerks, I guess," I smiled at him.

He shook his head and turn to look at me.

"I'm not a jerk, am I?" He asked me.

"Nah, at least I don't think so," I answered the best I could.

"You don't think so?" he asked me with a fake wounded expression.

"Dude, that because I don't know you that well yet," I said.

"Give me a chance to prove to you that I'm not a jerk," he insisted with a pleading look.

I looked at him, "How?"

"Go to the ball with me. I promise to protect you from jerks and assholes," he promised.

I sighed, "Lance, it's very sweet of you, but I don't think I'm going."


"Because I don't like dressing up and I can't dance," I lied. Actually, I can dance fine, but I won't tell him that. Good thing I learn to block my thoughts. All I had to do was imagine a big shield around my brain.

He looked at me once more and sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry," I said.

"No, it's fine. I just wanted to ask you first before any of the guys in our room can," he smiled sadly.

"What do you mean?"

He shook his head and said, "Never mind."

Though he blocked me out, I have a sense that he's trying to tell me that every guy in our room has a crush on me. Which was crazy, since I think all of them as my really close and older brothers. Okay, maybe except Dane, because come on, you don't make out with your brother. Things are about to get crazy from now on.

***Any guess as to what will happen next? The ball? Hook Ups? Please comment.***

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