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The Hesperides' Adoration (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by TheAuroraLights
The Hesperides' Adoration (Percy Rosey
Artemis?! Zoe?! Perseus Jackson, what is going on with your life right now? This spells trouble for everyone. A little bit of a different plot line I suppose. Read if yo...
  • jackson
  • nightshade
  • artemis
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Avril | Completed ✓ by KylieTorres
Avril | Completed ✓by k y l i e
Avril Faye grew up being bullied. She was bullied by her brother, by her pack, by everyone. When Avril's mate rejects her and humiliates her publicly, she runs away...
  • night
  • rogues
  • gray
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PERCY JACKSON: The Hero Returns by ThatGerlNamedTwat
PERCY JACKSON: The Hero Returnsby ThatGerlNamedTwat
One man One tragic ending One army One impossible quest One hero Hundreds that betrayed, One hero Millions that will kill, One hero Billions will be served by, One hero ...
  • olympus
  • castellan
  • percabeth
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by Kat_The_Pyro
Creepypasta Zodiacsby Beautiful Nightmare
Use your sign to find out what you do with the creepypastas!
  • eyelessjack
  • zero
  • puppeteer
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They're Back (Percy Jackson Fanfic) by mythlover440
They're Back (Percy Jackson Fanfic)by Nicole
Disclaimer: I own no characters. Some demigods died. When five of them tried for rebirth, they were thrown into a trap. *************** "L-Luke?" I stuttered...
  • heroes
  • bianca
  • beauregard
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Son of Zeus by MYTHwriter1
Son of Zeusby mysterious-author
"Fanny thing Jackson" Luke said "that the one you trust the most betrayed you" '...he found a mirror. He seemed shocked (pun)' 'I, yet again, blushed...
  • chase
  • zoe
  • jackson
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The Misty Dragon Rider (hiccup X My OC (On Hold) by marshmellow_pillow
The Misty Dragon Rider (hiccup X Nightshadow
Hiccup and Toothless discover a new island. But the island isn't as un-inhabited as they thought. They meet a lone girl there. She's not like any girl Berk has ever seen...
  • misty
  • toothless
  • hiccup
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love was made to break ¹ by pvpichulo
love was made to break ¹by '
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐖𝐚𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐓𝐨 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤 | "She was half human, half hurricane: half that's living to destroy and half that's trying to survive." ...
  • thor
  • thewintersoldier
  • nightshade
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Found (Percy Jackson God AU) by DirectionerEmma0113
Found (Percy Jackson God AU)by EmmaTheNerd
Perceus Jackson is the son of Posiedon and Khoine which makes him a god. Zues Immediately seeing him as a threat to his throne sends him to Hades thinking he would agree...
  • sea
  • artemis
  • wattys2014
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nightshade ; billie eilish  by loserjam
nightshade ; billie eilish by ✞ k ✞
Dallas Winston, a seventeen year-old girl just moved into a new house in Los Angeles with her mother. It all starts when Finneas O'Connell decides to be the friendly ne...
  • fanfiction
  • new
  • drama
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The Bad Boy is a Werewolf by Percabeth0418
The Bad Boy is a Werewolfby Paige Mendes
Suddenly I heard a loud noise... The cool wind blew my wavy brown hair into my face. I felt shivers run down my spine, and the slightest feeling of panic. A screech...
  • onceuponatime
  • teenromance
  • werewolf
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Guiding Light (Perzoe) by ZelotArchon
Guiding Light (Perzoe)by Momus
In the days following the battle of Othyrs, Percy has started to collapse. He would never admit it, but the whole experience had left him physically and mentally weak. A...
  • poseidon
  • artemis
  • percy
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The lonely the unloved the betrayed by RamJet7272
The lonely the unloved the betrayedby Mrs.Vadlez_72
Reyna- everyone Reyna has ever loved has always left her alone in the world. She has been left out forgotten and replaced. She is the lonely. Leo- he his a joker a prank...
  • castellan
  • luke
  • angelo
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Nightmare by Alexrod0
Nightmareby AlexWrites
Perseus "Percy" Achilles Jackson's life has been a literal hell since he could remember. He has an asshole of a stepdad no real father and the burden of his mo...
  • percy
  • zoe
  • perseus
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Between Shadows (Shadows Saga bk2) by Linna1029
Between Shadows (Shadows Saga bk2)by Lindsey Lippincott (Linna)
DO NOT READ UNLESS you have read Shadow's Edge. Description contains spoilers. Seriously... Go back and read Shadow's Edge first... I mean it. Mara and he...
  • paranormal
  • fae
  • school
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Deadly Nightshade by TheRedFoxes080
Deadly Nightshadeby Red Foxes
He cowered slightly, eyes filled with pure terror. He tried to say something, but it came out as a small whimper. I raised my knife, taking a step back. "Taylor,&q...
  • revenge
  • monster
  • killer
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Midnight Misadventures  by Angelblooded03
Midnight Misadventures by superwriter14
He stares at me silently, his mouth drawn in a straight line. "Why are you a villain?" I ask, his eyes held a brewing storm. "Because I have no rea...
  • superheroes
  • superpowers
  • adventure
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The Hybrid by kirabell15
The Hybridby Kira
Reese Knight is your average fifteen-year-old tomboy just trying to get high school over with, but now with a new Alfa watching her every move she's getting a few more s...
  • vampires
  • nightshade
  • wolfsbane
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NightShade (Lesbian Story, Rewritten) by DanniNightShade
NightShade (Lesbian Story, Danni
Kira thought everything would always go as planned after she found Alison. But when her cousin shows up and tries to kill the one joy in life she had, things definitely...
  • dragon
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbianstory
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Nightshade In the Dark by nldumont
Nightshade In the Darkby Nicole Lynn Dumont
These are just short stories I write and make up. Hopefully all these short stories make a actually fan-fiction. But until then I am just going to post them. *ALL THESE...
  • skyrim
  • fanfiction
  • shortstories
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