Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

The red liquid was all over the carpet and continued leaking out of his neck like a bad horror movie. It was truly frightening and I resisted the urge to scream and run out of my room. Instead, I jogged down the hallway, which was really quiet and empty, and ran strait to Xerin's office where I found him talking with Dane's parents.

When the saw me entering the room, flushed and anxious, Xerin stood up and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Trent is hurt. He's laying in front of my apartment room bleeding to death," my voice shook when I said it.

Before I can even blink, Xerin was gone in a flash, leaving me with Dane's creepy as hell mom and dad. Devlin seems to be leering at me while Quin looked at me like I was poop she happened to stepped on. Without another word, I sprinted out of the office and towards my dorm room. I was headed towards the stairs when Dane's voice called out.

"Lexi, what's wrong?" he asked when he caught sight of my face.

I looked at him and realized that he was alone. "Trent's bleeding to death."

Dane then caught up with me and we ran with vampire quickness to our room. Xerin was leaning down next to Trent when we arrived and I asked him, "Is Trent okay?"

Xerin spoke without looking up, "He lost a lot of blood and he skull is broken. I'm sorry Alexandrina, he won't make it."

"Oh my god," I whispered and nearly fell if it weren't for Dane catching me on time.

I leaned into Dane and asked, "How did this happen?"

"Trent is human, which means any vampire here could of done this," Xerin said, a hint of tiredness and stressed in his voice.

Xerin then picked Trent up easily, as if he was a pillow instead of a buff teenager, and left without a word. I stared after them, trying to make sense of this. Why would a vampire kill someone as insignificant as Trent? Wait a minute, back in Luxurious, Trent's sister told me that they were planning something at the ball. But what can they do that would make a vampire kill him like this? It's just doesn't fit.

"Is this getting a little strange to you?" Dane's quiet voice brought me out of my reverie.

I looked at him, "It's is."

I opened the dorm room and sagged on the couch and felt Dane sitting next to me.

"At Luxurious, Cindy told me the humans were going to start something at the ball. But why would they kill Trent?" I asked him.

He looked thoughtful for a moment, "Maybe because he's the leader."

I looked at him with my mouth slightly open. Finally, things were starting to click together. Trent and the rest of the humans girls are planning to start some chaos that might involved vampires getting killed. My ex-date was about to kill my classmates, and I was entirely clueless.

"Oh my god," I uttered.

Then I said, "But who killed him?"

Dane replied, "That's is what we don't know."

I sighed. No, of course we don't know who did this. But whoever killed him is still out there. Maybe he's on our side since he did happen to save the whole school from an attack. Right? Would the girls act foolishly without their leader? Probably not.

"You think whoever killed Trent is on our side?" Dane asked me, unsure.

I shrugged and said, "Maybe."

Then something hit me once more. How does this guy or girl know that Trent was about to start at killing massacre during the ball? Cindy only told me because she thought I was human, but how the hell does the killer know? Unless like he can read minds from far away or extremely powerful. But the only guy I know who can do that is Xerin. But I don't think he did it. Call it intuition or something, but i have a feeling that Xerin is innocent. If the killer is in our school, something big is going to happen, and the humans and vampires alike are going to be in peril.

Dane and I met eyes and I whispered, "Dane, I think our school is in danger."

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