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Trust and Instinct | Vampire Academy  by slow-poke
Trust and Instinct | Vampire Acade...by slow-poke
A series of tragic, sad and unfortunate events led Alina Hansley, a human, to become a part of the world of Moroi, Dhampirs and Strigoi. The Dragomirs adopted her. The d...
The way that it should have been by TeresaSullivan427
The way that it should have beenby Teresa Sullivan
It is CHRISTmas time at the academy, which as we know means a trip to the ski lodge. But what will happen to the gang after the attack on the Badica's and Art Schoenberg...
The Story of Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov 7 years after vampire academy by PrincessBianx
The Story of Rose Hathaway and Dim...by Princess Bianx
7 years after Vampire academy,many things change.. Rose struggles to make her baby live even if alchemist told her that both dhampir genes are incompatible making it dif...
Whatever may come (complete) by TeresaSullivan427
Whatever may come (complete)by Teresa Sullivan
After the death of one of her oldest friends Rose's life changes in unimaginable ways. Will she stay in the moroi world? Will she run? Whatever she does, will it include...
Shards and Ashes ~ A Vampire Academy Fanfic by HazyBlueEyes
Shards and Ashes ~ A Vampire Acade...by ♡ Isabella ♡
Dimitri Belikov takes Tasha's offer, leaving Rose and the St. Vladimir gates behind. Rose will do anything to get him back, but from the looks of it, Dimitri is happy. S...
Leaving it all behind (Watty's 2015) by sweetdreams2020
Leaving it all behind (Watty's 201...by sweetdreams2020
Rose Hathaway leaves after Dimitri says "Love fades, mine has". Rose leaves court, but what happens when strigoi numbers are getting higher and guardian number...
VEST School of Dhampirs by Rivverrixx
VEST School of Dhampirsby River
If you are a mistake between a vampire and a human, teenage girl, what does that make you? There are so many stories about vampires and they tell us vampires can't have...
The Hidden Blood (Vampire Academy) by Eden_Montang
The Hidden Blood (Vampire Academy)by Eden Montang
Rose has run away, - again - she couldn't handle Dimitri not loving her. Even after she gave everything to him. Her secrets, her heart, and even her virginity. And now...
Ethereal- Simon Ghost Riley by TheSolitaryPrincess
Ethereal- Simon Ghost Rileyby Lieutenant Ash
Ghost! I was a wild being, a feral one, I put this world on my feet until you put the leash of love on me, and now I am yours, forever. I will always wear the talisman o...
Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy) by ha_roonie
Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy)by Na
Nov. 5, 2021 update: restricted (mature content) chapters published as a separate work have been unpublished and won't be accessible. ****ALTERNATE ENDING IS UP**** #va...
The Rose Anthology  by Roy_Taler
The Rose Anthology by Roy_Taler
Entry for Fantasmical 2024 Roses are red Vampires are pale The world is cruel But I still love you Embark with me into various worlds of curiosities sprinkled with rose...
🖤Dhampir Love❤️ by GothNebula
🖤Dhampir Love❤️by GothNebula
Marinette is just an ordinary girl but also a superhero as Ladybug, fighting crime and saving the day in Paris. Adrien Agreste the dhampir always wanted to learn to be m...
Hunting Love by BlaiseWeaver
Hunting Loveby Blaise
Sabrina Jade lived during a time where vampires were the dominant species on Earth. The royal family controlled everything within the area and no one was brave or strong...
Finding my family again| N. Mikaelson by chronicalyhufflepuff
Finding my family again| N. Mikael...by chronicalyhufflepuff
A Young Dhampir Finds Her Self In Trouble A Original Hybrid Trying To Help An Old Friend W What Happens When This Could Mean More Than Anyone Can Imagine TW: There Mi...
A Guardian Wedding - Vampire Academy Fan Fic by LindseyAnn96
A Guardian Wedding - Vampire Acade...by LindseyAnn96
The VA gang is back and all grown up! Lissa's pregnant, Rose and Dimitri are getting married, and Christian's using his fire to stir up trouble in the Moroi Court. Our f...
Romitri Au's by fayesarrow
Romitri Au'sby Sophie 🦋
A safe place for my Romitri Au's and one-shots based on the Vampire Academy show on peacock tv
Instagram | Kieron Moore by CatherineBeaulieu8
Instagram | Kieron Mooreby Catherine
A reunion between two best friends lead to a new connection, maybe love.
Vampire Academy Adventure❤️ by laylacm2
Vampire Academy Adventure❤️by Layla
This story is about how the novices and Moroi students go on a camping trip. There are adventures with Rose and her friends, including Viktoria- Dimitri's sister. Dimitr...
Dimitri's POV in Spirit Bound Vampire Academy by x_aNoNYMouSTaCHe_x
Dimitri's POV in Spirit Bound Vamp...by x_aNoNYMouSTaCHe_x
Dimitri Belikov. Known as a god in combat. 'Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass', Rose had said. Apparently now though, he could escape death. Rose had th...
Not the old Rose (complete) by TeresaSullivan427
Not the old Rose (complete)by Teresa Sullivan
What happens when Rose Hathaway's heart, soul and spirit are broken by Dimitri?