Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

My damn alarm clocked beeped repeatedly for about five minutes before I actually turn in off and drag my butt to the shower. Since school starts at 7:45 p.m, I made myself wake up at 6:45, which is hopefully just before the boys can actually awake.

I opened the bathroom door and screamed, "Ah!"

I turned my head away immediately to avoid seeing Dane naked.

"Why do we keep meeting like this?" I asked, trying to hold back laughter.

He said nothing and I heard zippers being zipped up.

"You can look now," he stated.

I peeked up and saw that he was putting a shirt over his buff torso.

I sighed, "I would of thought guys sleep in later than girls."

"I actually like waking up earlier," he said and walked past me and into his bedroom.

Okay, this guy is like the strong silent types. I have never actually dated those since all they do is stay quiet. Ugh.

Once the shower was done, I dressed in the uniform which consists of a plaid skirt that stopped at my mid-thighs and a clingy blouse. Since this school has never dressed girls before, they gave me a uniform that would come out of playboy magazine. I looked at myself in the mirror and have to admit, I looked pretty good. I pulled back my bangs and clipped it. Good to go, I thought.

When I walked into the kitchen, no one was there. Which would explain the loud commotion in the bathroom, I thought sarcastically to myself. I raided the fridge but nothing was there good enough for breakfast.

Great, now I have to wait for the boys to show me where the cafeteria is. I walked into my room, grabbed some book bag with pencils and school whatnots, and walked out to see the boys already done and dressed in white blouses and trousers. Damn, they look hot!

But when I walked into the room, all of six boys looked at me with open mouths.

"You look hot," Heath stated.

I smiled, "Thanks. All you guys too."

I looked at Dane and he was staring at me with quiet attentiveness that is usually reserved for the TV screen or something. We met gazes once more, but he broke the connection.

"I'm hungry, guys," I said and I followed them as they walked out the door and downstairs.

Damn, boys were coming and going everywhere. No scratch that, HOT boys were coming and going everywhere. This school was like a place for male models or something.

All of the sudden, Jay and Heath cracked up while Dane, Glen, and Lance sniffled smirks.

"What's so funny?" I asked them.

"Nothing," Lance coughed and I resisted the urge to punch him.

"Good luck," Lance murmured and I looked at him funny.

What the hell? Were they all high?

I didn't have time to continue the assessment because we reached the cafeteria. We walked in and it was quiet. Every head was turn to our direction, but I can feel their stares especially on me. Seriously, I think that haven't seen girls before.

We make a beeline for the breakfast buffet and I grabbed some waffles and maple syrup. Full of carbs, but I don't give a shit. The boys picked up some fruits and waffles and led me to a empty table and we sat down. The cafeteria was still quiet.

"Take a picture, it lasts longer," I said aloud.

I heard awkward coughing and shuffling before the noise level went up again.

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