Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Let's just say that asking Trent to the dance was a moment of weakness and a mistake. I mean, seriously, why do I even kid myself? Even though I know that Trent was hot and probably the hottest guy in town, asking him to the dance did not erase my lingering feelings for Dane. Not even close. So why did I have to be so stupid to ask him? I feel like a heartless bitch right now.

Walking around, I went into a store called "Luxurious" where they sell formal clothing for proms, weddings, and all that great stuff. The store was pretty big, with racks after racks of dresses, shoes, and tuxes. The store was full of guys, as far as I can tell. And yeah, before you ask, they are all good looking guys that drinks blood. I saw Glen and Lance trying to find ties, while Jay and Heath are looking at shoes. It was kind of funny, seeing their eyebrows knit up in concentration like they were trying to solve a math problem.

I ignored them and went to hunt down a killer dress that will knock Dane's socks off. Oops, I mention Dane again. Get over the guy, Lexi, he's not into you. I distracted myself by looking at the dresses and they were all scary looking. They were all pink, and baby blue, all something a perky blond would wear. Let's just say they are more frightening than Satan himself. More, pink, more blue, more purple....jeez, don't they have black or something. Probably not.

"Hey, Lexi," Glen said and I look behind me to see my guys all standing there.

"Hey, guys. Before you ask, yes, I'm looking for a dress," I said.

"Oh, who ask you?" Jay asked with a slight hardness in his voice.

"Some townie named Trent," I replied nonchalantly.

"Oh," Heath said. His voice indicated that something was going on but I shook if off as jealousy.

"You guys found girls yet?" I asked them.

They all nodded their heads and I turned back to hunt for a dress. It was then when I saw a perfect dress. It was black, sleeveless, with a ruffled skirt, and a bow on the waist. It stopped just above the knees and it was gorgeous. The dress was utterly beautiful and it was something most girls would probably never wear to a formal ball, but then again, I'm not like most girls.

I picked up the dress and the guys gaps.

"What?" I grinned at them.

"I think that if you wear that, you will endanger all of the guys in our school," Heath stammered.

I winked, "That's the point."

With that I took the dress and sauntered to find some shoes. The shoes were black, naturally and I went to check out. There was a long line ahead of me and I stood behind a blond girl, who was chattering happily on the phone. Of course, on her arm was a pink strapless. I rolled my eyes as the girl droned on and on about the ball, and how she's going to be the prettiest person there, and how she might lose her virginity. Her virginity? What the hell? I mean, I'm a virgin also, but why does this chatter box have to announce it so loud. The girl finally hung up and turn to face me. Her face was shock for a moment, then she flashed a fake smile at me.

"Who asked you to the dance?" she asked with a sneer forming on her lips.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked with a sneer mirroring hers.

She shrugged and was about to answer when her phone rang. With vampire vision, I noticed that the ID was Trent, and she picked up.

"Hey, bro," she answered.

"Yeah, whatever. I'm at Luxurious right now," she said.

"What? You asked a girl out already? Who?" she asked.

This girl name must be Cindy since her brother is Trent. Who knew he has such a bitchy sister?

"Okay, yeah, I know," Cindy looked serious when she said that.

"Got it, we follow the plan. Bye," Cindy snapped the phone shut.

"Who was that?" I asked her.

"My brother, Trent. He already ask some whore out to the ball already. Apparently she's the only girl that attends Nightshade," she told me with a scowl.

Cindy might be a bitch, but she's not very bright since the girl she calling a whore is right in front of her.

"What's so bad about that?" I asked, faking innocence.

Cindy looked back and forth as if checking to see if anyone was listening and she leaned in close to whisper to me.

"Nightshade is a school for vampires," she said in a confidential voice.

I looked shocked, "No way. How do you know?" My expression must be realistic because she nodded with wide eyes.

"Because I dated one. His name is Dane and he is extremely hot," she giggled and I fakely giggled back.

"What happened?" I asked.

"He dumped me because he said that he has another girlfriend, which is why I'm coming to the ball to get him back. I love him and no one is going to take him away from me. I'll kill him if I have to," she said with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

"Oh," I said and nodded like I understood.

But in reality, I didn't. This girl is nuts. She's wants Dane that bad and she willing to kill him if it comes to it. What the heck, right? Cindy needs serious help I swear.

"And me and my brother, along with the girls who are invited are planning-" her words were cut off short because there was a huge commotion by the shoes area.

A girl was holding a knife in her hands, trying to stab Heath as he ran and ducked from the girl. She looked like she's about sixteen with short black hair and scarily blood shot eyes. She was running after Heath with a scary knife in her hands as if she was about to stab his heart out. Heath ran into a corner, trapped and the girl stood before him, knifed poised directly over his heart, but Jay, quickly ran forward and yanked the knife away from the girl. She kicked and scream and was pulled outside by the store manager. Something was not right about that girl. It was like she was high or drugged. And it is deeply frightening.

"What the hell was that?" I asked Cindy.

Cindy nodded, "Yeah, Astrid was Heath's date. Everything went fine until the ball last year. After that, she been holding knives and mumbling something about "Blood Monster" over and over."

"The town people thinks that Nightshade is evil which is why this year, everything will change," Cindy smiled grimly and it was her turn to check out.

I then purchased my dress and shoes with my credit card and walked out the store, no sign of Cindy anywhere. I felt my hair stood up and turn to see no one. I could of sworn someone was watching me, but who? Am I just paranoid or was there something going on in this town that cause my alert meter to go off the charts?

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