Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

After a few more minutes of some debating between which movie to watch, I was getting tired and pissed off.

"Holy fucking shit, I'll give you guys five seconds to find a movie before we are all watching a chick flick," I snapped and instantly, Jay grabbed one of the movies he's holding and inserts it into the DVD player. It took him less the five seconds.

The rest of the guys seem to be looking at me in fear, which is pretty funny since I don't think I'm that frightening at all. Except when I get into a fight, which is pretty much every day.

The movie was one of those Freddy Kruger movies that makes me laugh while the rest scream.

"What kind of girl are you?" Glen asked in awed.

"A girl who can kick your ass and watch scary movies with screaming," I replied with a sweet smile.

"Dude, are you sure you're even a girl? That movie was freaking scary," said Heath, who was holding a pillow in a death grip.

"Babies," I muttered and they all looked at me.

How can they possibly hear that? I barely uttered the word and they all seem to hear it. Freaky, I swear.

"Right then, I'm going to bed. If you guys come in and take my underwear or something, I will squish you like a bug," I mocked threaten and retreated.

I took my clothes and went to shower. Each have six shower stalls and they're pretty nice and clean. The hot water was amazing on my skin and I felt like I could melt in the water's embrace. That would be kind of weird though, I would imagine. Dressed in a tank top and pajama bottoms, I sauntered to my room but stop short when I saw Dane standing in front of my door.

"Can I help you?" I asked with a raise in my eyebrows.

He turned to me, his dark gaze made a shiver run through my body, "I wanted to apologize for accidentally walking in while you were dressing."

I shrugged, refusing to blush and said, "It's fine."

He nodded and gave me a smile that was so cute, "Good night, then."

"Night," I said and turn into my room.

Dane, there was something about him that was so intriguing. And the rest of the guys, they were more or less weird, but in a paranormal kind of way.

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