Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

"Next," the medical vampire, Jenson, called from his office.

The medic vampire was pretty hot, considering he's about thirty years old. Good thing this school was an all-boys school or I bet most girls would fake an injury just to make an excuse to see him.

Dane walked out from the room and gave me an encourage smile, and went to sit on one of those plastic chairs.

"I'll be right here," he told me, before kissing my forehead and push me gently into the room.

I was met by a basic medial room and Jenson standing next to a scary looking machine and a syringe. Holy damn, I hate needles. I swear, those things are like silver evil things.

"Hello, Lexi, please sit," he gestured to the chair next to the blood reading machine and I cautiously sit down.

I lowered the syringe to my arm, and I glowered at it. If the needle breaks, I swear, going to punch something. Yeah, I know, I'm mentally disturbed sometimes.

Instantly, I felt the needle go inside me and I hissed in pain. Damn, that hurts. What kind of needle is this guy sticking into me?  I clenched my fist, as I felt the blood leaving my body. My head starts to go woozy and I swear the earth around me is going into confusing circles.

My stomach is doing weird belly flops, and I wanted to puke my  guts out right now.

Finally, that feeling stopped and I sagged my body, although my head is now pounding.

"Lexi, it's done," he said in a strangled voice.

I weakly opened my eyes and said, "You finally done torturing me?"

Jenson just looked at me with wide eyes, and somewhere, I can see fear. How come he is scared? I mean, I'm the one with the needle injected in me. And now, my head is in f-ing pain that won't go away. I seriously want to bang my head against the wall right now.

I sighed, and sat up, and noticed that Jenson was studying the machine deeply. It was freaky to say the least, because I also caught the glances he threw my way. His eyes showed curiosity, anxiety, and ...fear.

"What's the verdict, doc?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

He cleared his throat, "You're clean, Lexi. But I detect something is off with your blood?"

"Umm...may because I'm half-human?" I asked, confused.

"Lexi, I know what human blood would look like, and this is not human," he said with a seriously look on his face.

"May I look?" I asked him.

He shrugged, and I stood up. I walked to where the machine was and there was a little magnifying glasses. In the little tube was my blood, all red and liquidy.

"It doesn't look any different from any other blood," I commented, leaning closer to the tube.

"Look closer, and you will see a black tint that makes your blood darker than the rest," he said in a gruff voice.

I complied and my vision started to get clearer, and then I understood what he meant. My blood was in fact, darker and was scared me was that my blood seems to get closer and closer to black by the minute. It was like a battle between red and black, and the black is winning.

What the hell did this mean?

Jenson, who also caught that something was wrong with my blood, sucked in a breath and moved away from me, baring his fangs in defense.

"What are you doing?!" Dane demanded from the doorway, and immediately flashed next to me.

"She's a demon," Jenson growled, and crouched down, getting ready to attack me.

"What?!" both Dane and I yelled, and I froze in shock.

Jenson only growled, and that ticked Dane off. He gave me and the tube of blood I was holding a look before he bared his own fangs and crouched in front of me, getting ready to protect me if necessary. I was glad for that because after what Jenson said, my mind froze as well as everything else. I couldn't be a demon because my dad was human and my mom was well, a vampire. At least, I think so. Unless, one of them are not my real parents. And I shook my head. I need time to sort this out before I literally go mad with information overload. Right now, I think I have a medical vampire to deal with.

Both men were facing each other, testing to see who will make the first move, and it looks as if Jenson is contemplating his move first.

I narrowed my eyes and said, "Jenson, you know that if you make a move, something very bad will happen right?"

He snarled, "Worst than having a demon infesting this school?"

I pretended to think about it and smirked, "Of course."

"I'll take my chances," he growled and pounced.

That was all I needed and I stop him with a quick kick on the chest that sent him flying to the cabinets behind him. Jenson, a strong vampire, stood up and Dane flashed to him and sent a punch to the jaw. I heard a crunch and winced. That has to hurt. The guys got into a series of punches, and I intervened, throwing Jenson off of Dane, while grabbing his head and banging it forcefully to the table. The table broke and Jenson eyes closed. Yep, he lost consciousness.

"How the hell are we going to explain this?" I asked, frowning at the unconscious man  and the broken table.

I was about to take a step when I felt Dane's hand encircled my wrist, holding me in place.

"Lexi, explain what the hell Jenson meant," he whispered.

I refuse to look at him and I looked at my tube of blood that is sitting on the counter. Even though I was a few feet away, I could see that it turned black. Like coal black. And that is when it hit me. I was a part-demon, not human. Whoever claimed that I was human lied. Which means that my father is not my real biological father. And that was when I felt myself break into pieces.

My body seems to like that I accepted my demon self, and I felt cold all over. Like everything that was alive in me all lost. That was also when my first tears broke free.

"You heard him right, Dane. I'm a demon. A monster, and your enemy," I said, my voice breaking as the tears dropped faster and faster.

I still refuse to look at him when I said, "I don't know what is wrong with my blood, but I think the demon blood is fighting with the vampire blood. And I think the demon blood is winning."

And that was when I felt my heart break.

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