Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

As the day went on, more and more girls seems to be all over Nightshade and they are full on raging hormones. It was like a nightmare, watching girls giggling and wearing clothes that showed way to much cleavage just to get the guys' attention and flirt by throwing their hair back. It was like a horror movie, Revenge of the Skanky Girls or Nightmare in All Boy's Academy. Something like that. As I head towards the gym to get my protection from Viper after class, I bumped into a group of girls standing by the locker room where the boys were changing and showering. Since I was indeed a girl, I had to wait until all of the boys were let out. I sighed and leaned against the wall with my arms folded and watched the girls as they stood in a circle and whisper. It was no use to whisper around here, let me tell you, since everyone here have bat ears.

"OMG, did you see the blond guy? He's so hot!" said a brunette.

"Yeah, I know," gushed the redhed.

"I want to peek inside so bad," a black hair chick groaned.

They giggled and I rolled my eyes.

Finally, they caught me standing there and gave me dirty looks. I raised my eyebrows as if to say 'what the hell do you want?'

The brunette, apparently the leader, and her followers, walked up to me and glared while I stood there and yawned.

"So you're the girl that goes to school here, huh?" the brunette asked me with distaste.

"Hmm," was all I said.

"Bitch, I'm talking to you. I'm the freaking daughter of the mayor in town so you have to treat me with respect," she snarled and got right in my face.

That was when I straightened up and glared at her, "Listen, biatch, when the mayor's daughter earn my respect, I'll talk to her."

"I'm sorry?" she asked me like I was stupid.

I smiled, "Apology accepted."

The bitch was about to say something when the guys that were in the locker rooms walked out and the girls in front of me turn to stare. The guys gave no notice of them, but all turned to smile at me instead. I smiled and waved back as they walked away. The chicks in front of me blushed red and I can practically see smoke coming out of their ears.

I smirked and walked into the locker room, leaving those bitches nothing left, but the little pride that they have.

I found Viper inside his office and knocked on the door.

"Come in, Alexandrina," he called and I stepped in.

Inside, there was a desk full of paper, a fridge, and a closet door on the side.

"I'm here to get a weapon?" I asked uncertainty.

Viper nodded and led me to the closet door where weapons like guns, knives, daggers, and swords are lined up everywhere. Wow, this is a hunter's paradise.

"So, which one do I get?" I asked him.

"It would be best of you get a two silver knives," Viper handed me two knives that looked like the ones that I practiced with.

He also handed me a two knife sheath and garters. I nodded in thanks and hurried out the door. The hallways were still full of both girls and guys that I was starting to get a little claustrophobic. But from somewhere, I felt like I was being watch. The same feeling of dread washed through me again like it happened in town. My heart race and my breath turned shallow as I made my way to my dorm. Maybe I was just be paranoid but I felt whatever was watching me, he or she wants me dead.

"Lexi?" I turned around to see Dane walking up to me.

I smiled at him and asked, "What's up?"

"Nothing, but are you okay? You look kind of pale," he observed concernedly.

"I'm fine. Where's Felicity?" I asked him.

He shrugged, "Around."

I sneaked a glance at him to see him staring at me.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

Dane shook his head, "No. Listen, about Felicity..."

I waited for him to find his words, and he exhaled tiredly.

"I don't like her. My parents force her on me and even though she's throwing herself onto me..." There was a pause again.

"Dane, you don't have to explain," I said softly.

"I know that. It's just....Lexi-" Dane was interrupted my Felicity running towards us.

"Fuck," Dane muttered and was slammed backwards when Felicity threw herself into his arms.

"Dane, where were you? I was looking for you everywhere," she wined.

"I was talking to Lexi," Dane replied breathlessly, his handsome face scrunched into a scowl.

Felicity looked up at me with a glare, but shrugged.

"Come on. I need your opinion on my dress," she dragged him away and I was left staring after them. I couldn't help but notice how perfect they were together. She was slender, with great curves, and great hair, with him, being her dark knight. I sighed and headed straight to my room. I didn't see anyone inside since all of the guys were probably entertaining their girls at the moment. As for my date, Trent won't come until tomorrow so I won't see him to then. I dragged myself into the living room and was about to turned on the TV when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and nearly fainted at the sight. It was a body of Trent, laying in a pool of wet blood that came from two punctured holes in his neck.

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