Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Dane and I stared at each other, thinking over what I just said about our school being in dander. My mind is churning with the possibilities of why someone would want to hurt vampires, unless vampires have nemesis that wants our entire species to extinct.

“They are not going to make their move until the dance,” Dane said.

“Yeah, not until then. Dane, do vampires have enemies?” I asked him and he looked surprised when I said that.

“What?” I asked, surprise why he’s surprised.

“You don’t know? Our enemies are demons,” he whispered, and at that word, my blood froze.

The word demon made something stirred inside me, and I gulped, trying hard to regain my composure. Demons, those hell like things that has no soul and no morals. Spawn of Satan at worst.

“I need to go to the library,” I jumped up from my place at the sofa, headed towards the door.

“I’m going with,” Dane immediately flashed to my side, and I tried not to think about how hot that movement was.

Dammit, Lexi, even during worst situations, I can’t help but notice how hot Dane was all over again. It was like this boy is perfect in every way.

We walked out of the door, and into the hallway where both girls and guy were scurrying around, all over the place. I was afraid I was going to get trampled or something.

As we pass, the girls all stared at Dane like he was the piece of meat, and some tried to fix their shirts so he can get a better view of his cleavage, and some applied lipstick and flipped their hair. It was really pathetic, but I kept my face blank as I walked pass.

Dane took no notice of them, and ignored their invitation as he passed them. It make me smile just a little bit, and Dane looked at me knowingly when he saw the twitch on my lips.

“Jealous?” he asked under his breath so only I can hear.

“You wish,” I answered, and he smirk that famous smirk of his.

We passed other students, and finally got to the library where no one was there. It was so empty that I wondered if we were the first students to enter this place.

I walked pass the huge bookshelves and stopped when I was in the “D” section. I scanned the spines of each books, and stopped when I saw a book that said, “Demons.” Huh, well, at I wondered if there were any books that said, “Demon for Dummies.” That would have been more helpful.

“What are you looking for?” Dane asked me, as he led me to a table near the back of the library.

“Nothing and everything,” I answered, and collapsed on the chair, as Dane opened the book.

The book was pretty old, and the musty smell made my nose scrunched.

“I hate old books,” I grumbled, and Dane laughed.

“Yeah, well, “he answered.

We both scanned the book and surprisingly, some demons were angels that served god, until they committed some sort of crime to make them turned into soulless creatures. Others were Satan’s spawn, and they are evil by heart. Even vampires can be demons, and that is if they killed other innocent vampires. I continued reading and stopped when I got to Demon’s abilities. It stated here that demons can shape-shift, turning into different creatures if they powerful enough. And if they’re powerful enough, then they also take over bodies, but only on the day when nighttime is the longest.

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