Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

(Someone's POV)

Looking at the half-vampire makes him want to kill her right then and there as she walked on the sidewalk in town. She looks just like her mother, he thought. Her mother was beautiful, with eyes that resembles the purest ocean, and hair that shines like a golden halo. Her daughter, Alexandrina McKay, is no different except for her brown hair and eyes that revealed a sharp, cunning girl. What a pity, he thought. Alexandrina's mother, Seleria, had died indeed. But not from an accident. He smiled darkly as he relived the memory of her last breath.


He stood in front of her, eyes pleading with Seleria as she kicked and screamed to let her go. Even glaring at him with pure hatred, she still shines like a bright light while he is just the opposite.

"My love, come with me and we can have it all," he crooned softly in her ears.

"Let me go. I don't love you and I can't ever love you, demon," she spat at him and tried to fight him.

"Don't do this, love. I want you and you will have to live with me or else everyone you love shall die," he hissed and pinned Seleria's hands to the wall.

She screamed, and her fangs extended, eyes flashing red.

"That won't work of me love. You should know by now that I'm more powerful than you are. The blood of the demon will kill you if you get even a little sip," he smiled cruelly and approached Seleria. He kissed her, but she snarled.

"Love, you do know it's too late. We have already mated and soon, your child will be born with demon blood in her," he said sweetly to her ears.

Seleria is now crying now, helplessness and misery flooded through her, knowing that her child will be a half-monster.

"You bastard," she said weakly.

"It's not my fault that you fell for me," he smirked.

"I didn't know you were a demon," She snapped.

He smiled, but didn't say anything. It wasn't too long ago when he met Seleria wandering in the streets, a newly made vampire hungry for blood. He had too care of her and she inevitably fell in love with him. One thing led to another and soon, she was carrying his baby.

"Don't worry sweetheart, just a few more minutes and our daughter will be out of your womb," he murmured.

As he said that, Seleria gasp and began to pant. Vampire babies are easier to give labor to so the little baby immediately dropped out, into a pool of blood. And she was absolutely gorgeous. She was pretty as her mother, but she was a darker version. A half of demon and a half of vampire. The baby cried and he was about to pick her up until he heard the door crashed open from downstairs. Footsteps ran up the stair and he immediately grabbed Seleria body with him. With no time to spare and he jumped out the window, leaving the little girl behind. He heard voices inside the room and their gasp as they found a newborn baby in a puddle of blood. Let them keep her, he thought, because soon, he will find his daughter again.

He grinned darkly and ran into the woods with Seleria in his arms. He stopped and looked at his love. She looked peaceful, but when he tried to wake her up, she was still. No, this can't happen, no, he panicked. Seleria was dead giving birth to the baby.

He shook out of his reverie and continued spying on Alexandrina as she walked to the big bus. Nightshade Academy, the school that trained vampires to survive and kill demons. He smirked, demons like him are hard to kill, of course but not impossible. The only thing that can kill demons are demons themselves. But the only one who can accomplish this is his daughter, the girl who is now walking into the bus.

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