Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 

"Lexi, stop drinking, you're gonna OD," my best friend, Karina yelled above the pounding music. 

"No I'm not," I insisted, chugging down my fourth or fifth beer.  

I don't really remember since I lost count after the second one. The buzz was incredible, to feel numb as I watch blurry figures dance to the music. 

"We have to go, Lexi, or our parents will kills us," Karina insisted and before I can react, she grabbed me out of my seat and headed straight for the door. 

I tried to protest, insisting that we only stayed for a short while, but she still grab me to go. Ugh. Buzzkill. I nearly tripped if it weren't for someone's arms around my waist to pull me up. I looked at my savior and smiled sweetly. It was Austin Turner, the all-time quarterback, and the hottest guy at school. Not that I'm unpopular, me being a cheerleader, has the latest styles, and has the body most girl would kill for, but hey, when you see a hot guy, you have to assume that he has a high status. 

"Leaving so soon, Lexi?" He smirked but didn't let go of my arms. Damn, this guy's grip is tight. No wonder he was the quarterback, his hands overlapped my arms.  

"Nah, I think I'll stay for a little while," I smiled back at him dazzlingly while Karina unsuccessfully tries to pull me away.  

She had a frown on her face like she is disgusted with me so I shooed her away and followed Austin back into the crowd. He grabbed my hand and led me upstairs, passing some couple making out and grinding like no tomorrow. I swear, hormone overrule raves and parties more than the alcohol does.  

We passed a few more doors and he opened one to reveal a big bedroom with a few guys standing around. The room itself was sterile and clean, which I can only assume is used for guest, but the guys around us gives me the creeps. In the drunken state that I am, I can barely stand still and the guys turn out to be a big blurry shadow.  

"Oh, look, it's Lexi. Join us, babe," a voice said in an assy voice. It was Larry, Austin best friend who I think is gay and perverted. 

"Aww...she's drunk," another voice said. I think it some other jerky jock. 

Suddenly they were crowding around me with weird smiles on their faces and Austin tried to reach out and grab me. Deep breaths, Lexi, and years of Karate as well as Kendo, kicked in. Though slightly buzzed and uncoordinated, I think I kicked Austin in his golden spot for he groaned and fell to the ground.  

"You bitch," and that was when they tackled me to the bed. Shit, I thought. 

I kicked, screamed, and tried to break something the best I could to no avail. No, I thought. This can't be happening. Then a miracle happen, call it adrenaline, but suddenly I felt a new surge of power went through me. Everything seems to clear up in slow motion as I kicked a guy, punch another, and attacked the rest. By the end, every single one of them fell to the ground and I was left tired and thirsty. Everything fell back to the same blur once more and I stagger to the door. I limped down the stairs and looked around for Karina but she was nowhere to be found. 

I walked outside the front door to see Karina's car gone. What a nice best friend, I thought. Without a ride, I was either forced to walk home or call my Dad for a ride home. I hope he's not busy or something, I thought and dialed. 

"Lexi, where are you?" he demanded in an angry voice.  

Uh-oh, usually Dad was really chilled and relax since he busy all the time, but this time, I can hear the tiredness and pissed off-ness in his voice. Shit. 

"At a party, will you come and pick me up?" I asked, in a trembling voice. 

He sighed and said he'll be there in ten minutes. I sat on the sidewalk, tired and depressed. What almost happen today was changed everything from my perspective. If my mom was alive, what would she say. Mom. I missed her so much. We were really close until the day when she died in a car accident coming home from a party. That was when everything changed for me. I used to be a perfect daughter; did great in school, had good friends, never drunk, be home on time, etc. But after she died, it was like everything in me died. I no longer have the comfort of a family, of friends, or anything to keep me moving in this world. And now, I'm in this situation where I almost got raped my creeps and my drunk down to the core. 

My dad's car was soon visible and he stopped right in front of me. I got in the passenger seat and he pulled away from the curb. 

"Lexi, I don't know what to do with you anymore," he said in resignation. 

I stayed silent, due to the tiredness in his voice. 

"You used to be good, but now, you come home drunk and high," he continued. 

"Which is why I'm sending you to a boarding school," he concluded. 

I stared at him in shock, "The boarding school threat again?!" 

Every single night when I would come home in the worst condition, he would babble on and on about sending me to a boarding school but he never actually did it. 

"It's not a threat this time, it a decision. You are going to an all-boys boarding school," he said. 

"Dad! If you got the whole biology thing wrong, I am a girl!" I screeched. 

"They are willing to make an exception for you," he said. 


"I don't want to hear, Lexi. Go home and pack. You're leaving early tomorrow morning," he stated. 

"Great, your sending me off to a damn boarding school and I don't even get to sleep in the morning," I murmured. 

He said nothing and all too soon, we pulled inside the mansion that I've lived in ever since I was a little girl. Yes, I did say mansion, and yes, I am sort of spoiled. I sighed and dragged my butt inside the door.

Inside my room was typically a girl's dream. The bed is exported from Europe giving it a royalty look and sheets made expertly by hand. My closet had all the trendiest fashions from Vera Wang to Burberry. I packed my most of my clothes and belongings, but I can't take everything. Damn. I walked around for a bit, looking at my stuff one last time before I have to leave for good. Goodbye clothes, goodbye bed, good bye shoes. Tomorrow, I will go to hell, and leave my personal heaven behind. I wonder if I was dreaming or dead, but it's probably not possible. 

"Lexi, wake up, time to go!" my dad yelled and I turn, only to land face first on the ground. 

I growled and dressed as slowly as I could, just to annoy him. I went to the restroom to see my reflection staring back at me almost sadly. Blue-green eyes with long perfect lashes, perfect nose that don't really need to be fix by a professional, a mouth that had kissed a lot of guys, and a body to kill for. It was lean, with just the right amount of curves. On the outside, it was a perfect package, on the inside, it was mushy and tangled.

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