Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I walked slowly down the aisle to among the first class seats and chose a spot. I sighed and rest my head on the headrest. All around me, I can see some boys about my age, a couple of families, and a whole lot of business men. I switch on my iPhone and cranked up the music loud, clearing all thoughts and evaporation all problems. Yeah, I get high all the time....on music.

"Hey," someone said and I turn to see a cute, blonde guy about my age standing there awkwardly. He was pale, paler than me, which is saying something because I'm the palest chick at my school.

"Hey, what's up?" I said.

"They sky," he answered and I smiled.

"May I sit here? All spots are taken."

I nodded, "Knock yourself out."

"I'm Glen, by the way," he offered me his hand.

I shook it, "Lexi."

"So where you headed?" he asked me with a slight smile.

"Some boarding school in the isolated mountains," I mumbled and frowned.

He raised his eyebrows, "Really? I'm headed there too. Along with a lot of guys here."

"Huh. Returning or first year?" I asked him.

"Returning for a new year," he stated.

"I'm new," I grumbled.

He laughed, "Don't worry too much. It's not that bad, except that it's an all boys school."

He looked at me pointedly and I grinned.

"I know, but my dad said the school is willing to make a exception for me."

"Huh, interesting," he said, deep in thought.

"Is it like a regular school? Like grade 9 through 12?"

"Pretty much. It's a...different school, though," he said slowly.

"How so?"

"Well...I can't explain it. You have to see for yourself," he replied.

When he said that, I felt goosebumps up my arms. Okay, freaking much?

The ride to the school itself was eerie and silent. As we got off the airport, there was a long white bus that waited for us out front and we got on. It was one of those buses people use for professionals games and stuff. And yeah, it was nice, with TV and AC, but it was eerie nonetheless. These rich kids are spoiled too. Sitting next to Glen was tiring because he drone on and on nonstop. It was like this kid doesn't know to take a break from talking, I swear. I wonder if he had an off button. Probably not.

"We're here," Glen said, using a low tone.

What is wrong with this guy? Just five minutes ago, he was chattering like a banshee and now he using inside voice. But the weird thing was, everyone on the bus was quiet. It was so creepy because boys are not quiet. Ever.

The school was really big and looks like something that came out of Harry Potter. It was gray with a castle like structure that set a really creepy sense to everything. We got off the bus and were greeted by a tall man with dark longish hair and a freaking pale face.

"Welcome to Nightshade Academy, boys and girl. I'm Headmaster Xerin," he said and glanced towards me.

I raised my eyebrows at what he just said. All around me, I can feel stares but I ignored it. Years of practice I suppose. But somehow, I have a feeling that the guys were checking out by breast and butt. Stupid, testosterone fueled boys.

"New students, please come with me, while the rest of you may go to your dorms," he dismissed them and a majority of the boys left. Glen gave me a quick hug and walked with them, while I'm stuck with the rest of the newbies.

"Follow me," Xerin said and we followed in suit.

He led us towards a double door and took a stack of portfolios from a desk.

"Once I call your names, come up and pick up your packet," he said and started calling names.

Kids came up and when he got to "Alexandrina McKay" I stood up and walked up to him. He handed me my packed and I sat down once more. Once again, I can feel the stares. I sighed inwardly since they are acting as if they have never seen a girl before.

"If you open up your file, you can see your class schedule as well as the room key. Nightshade run nocturnally, which means school starts at 7:45 pm and ends at 2:45 am. Lights are out at 6:00 am. Food is served in the cafeteria, but there are also snacks in your dorm room. You will share an apartment with five other boys, so it's best if you get to know them. Class starts tomorrow. Dismissed," he said and everyone dispersed.

I was walking ahead of the newbies when I heard whisperes behind me. More staring, some catcalls, and laughter. I snapped, "Can I help you?"

They all fell silent when I turned to them.

"You douche bags are acting as if you have never seen a girl before which is so pathetic," I glared.

"Look, you don't have to bitch out on us," a guy up front said. He was average on my hot guy meter.

I scoffed and he sneered, "You have an incredible ass."

That was it. I went up to him, grabbed his shirt and slam him into the wall.

"Bastard, me and my ass are too good for you," I sneered.

"Ms. McKay, please let the student down," Xerin said from somewhere.

I released the dude and backed up slowly, taking my bags with me. And then, I walked past them and went to find my dorm room. Great, it was just my first day and I almost got into a fight. Perfect way to start school, right?

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