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Audrey's POV

I stand outside Noah's door for a few minutes before collecting myself.

On a normal day, I would be coming back from Aurelia's house to meet with Noah. But this isn't a normal day.

Even so, I'm in front of Noah's house before I can stop myself. Everything looks the same, but I know it isn't. The flowers still looked the same, even though they were from weeks ago and probably had to be replaced. The walls are still white, though they look more dull than they used to. The roof still had a chimney, though the ash on top hadn't been cleaned for a while. Noah has barely talked to me after the... breakup.

I'm tempted to knock on the door and pretend like I'm here for another 'My French Boyfriend' movie marathon where Noah and I throw popcorn at the screen and laugh at the silliness of the entire thing, but I can't, because Noah doesn't know the real reason why I broke up with him.

"Audrey? What are you doing here?"

I whirl around, my heart beating loudly. "Noah? Why - what?"

"This is my house," Noah says, a trace of the old him still there. But it disappears as soon as I hear it. "Why are you here?"

"Noah - " my voice gets stuck in my throat. "Look, the breakup, me distancing myself from you, everything, it - it really wasn't - I mean, I was - I wasn't trying to hurt you, but she - I didn't want to but - " Everything suddenly comes rushing out in a flood of emotion.

"Are you drunk? Because then we'd have a problem," Noah says, without any hesitation.

I gape at him. "What the he - heck? Of course not. But Noah, she thinks - she knows - well, they know that you - you might be in trouble - and they, well, I don't know - "

"You told them? About Eversio?" He hisses

My eyes start stinging. "I didn't know you had such little trust in me."

"So you did," Noah says, disgusted. "Look, Audrey, I don't have time for you. Please go and run off with Madison, because now I need to - "

"Did I hear my name?" The she-devil herself steps up to Noah's house, impeccable as always.

"Madison," I smile. "How nice of you to drop by." Next to me, Noah stiffens.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I need to use the loo," he inclines his head to both of us before unlocking his house and disappearing inside quickly.

"Say, Ms. Taylor," Madison narrows her eyes. "That seemed like quite the conversation you were having with your ex-fiance."

I freeze, trying not to convey my fear. "We were talking about the weather. Lovely time of the year."

"I don't recall my name being a weather term."

I suck in a sharp breath. "We were saying that you love... this weather."

Madison grabs me by the wrist. "Ms. Taylor, if you are not properly suited for this kind of job, I'm sure I would be happy to pay your siblings a visit."

"I didn't say anything," I tremble, pulling my hand away. "I didn't say anything!"

"Where did you say your sister lived again?" Madison asks.

"Please don't hurt them," I whisper, shaking. "It's not their fault. It's mine."

"Then maybe you should suffer the consequence," Madison continues on walking down the path. "Good day, Ms. Taylor. And I pray that you do not repeat your mistakes."

Madison's POV

I walk silently down the path, contemplating my choices. One, I could just kill her. Two, I could kill her siblings. Three, I could make the court kill her. Four, I could do all of that, and more.

"Hello?" I pull out my phone and call the first number on my list.

"Not like you to call in the middle of the day,"

"I have a favor to ask you," I say quietly.

"Which one am I killing today?"

"Audrey Taylor," I say.


"I don't care if you have a soft spot for her, she needs to die, and fast."

The voice hardens. "Alright. Now is a good time?"

"I hope so, or else you're going to have a bad day

There's a moment of silence on the other line before they hang up.

I continue walking. Before the night is over, Audrey will be dead.


Audrey's POV

I don't go back to my house after the entire Madison scare. I'm pacing in the woods when my phone lights up with a text.

It's an unknown number.

Audrey, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, I love you. Meet me at the edge of the woods, near our cliff?

Love, Noah

My eyes widen, and I nearly drop my phone. Noah still loves me. He wants to meet up.

There's something wrong with this text, though. Noah never sounded like that. He would never meet up in such a far away place. And the number that texted me wasn't his number. Still, I start towards the cliff. Our cliff. No one but my friends would know about that.

The cliff was still the same as it always was. The water at the bottom was no higher than it had been when Noah first showed me this place. He used to say that as long as we were together, the water level would never change. It was cheesy, but sweet at the time. I wonder what he would say now, since the water looked clearer than ever.

I know something's really wrong when I first arrive at the cliff. It's quiet, really quiet, and Noah could never be this quiet.

"Audrey," a voice whispers. But it's unfamiliar, it's not Noah's voice.

"Who are you?" I find the courage to speak up, but I don't turn around. My fingers shake as I try dialing Noah's real phone number, as I'm furiously thinking of how to get out of this.

"I'm sorry," the person sounds closer now, and I back up against the edge of the cliff. Whatever this person says, I can't trust them. It doesn't matter how they knew about this place

"I'm sorry," the voice repeats, and suddenly the person is right next to me, and I never get the chance to look around, because my feet are suddenly not on solid ground anymore, my hands are flailing wildly around me, and I'm falling, falling sixty feet into the very same water Noah used to tell me about, and then it's all black. 

umm... oops... 

Hope you enjoyed!

- Eliza and Angie

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