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Aurelia's POV

There's a case today.

Of course.

I'm not sure how William or I will be able to function, or, for that matter, anyone.

I walk stiffly towards the court, the same court that condemned Bianca.


The same court that killed Bianca.

I can't keep hiding from this. The fact that this place is only like this because of murder. And even so, it only looks perfect.

It isn't.

Who were we killing today, a four year old? Who knew? It was bad enough we killed a friend. How did Madison feel? Was she truly "okay" with this? Who could be?

"Aurelia," Audrey snaps my attention towards her.


I had completely forgotten that I had left Audrey and Noah on guard duty last night. Especially on the day before break.

"I'm sorry for that," I say, my voice emotionless. "I'll take over tonight."

Audrey shook her head. "It's break after today, remember? What are you doing with him?"

I shrug lifelessly. "I'll ask."

"Ms. Summers," Madison looks bored, like she couldn't care less about how she killed Bianca.

"What do we with As - the Defect over break?" I ask, my voice robotic.

Don't let her see how it's affected you.

"I suppose he won't have sufficient care if he stays in the cells," Madison says dutifully. 

"Considering he is your case, Ms. Summers, a hopeless one at that, but your case, still, I would say you should take him home for break."

A flicker of emotion, anger, boils up in me. "Madison, you can't do that."

"Ms. Summers," she looks straight at me. "Watch your tone with me."

"Do I detect a hint of anger, Madison? Negativity? It does seem like you've been doing this quite a lot. Would be a shame if you were reported, huh?" I tell her, maliciously.

Madison's eyes flare with disapproval and a hint of fear. I take satisfaction in having caused that: It's not everyday you see Madison Rose Grey all excited.

"You will be keeping him with you," Madison says firmly. "But to ease your mind and suspicions, we will say that he is a tiati in training, who you offered to tutor."

"Because no one can know what really happens in the court," I finish bitterly.

"I'm glad you understand," Madison said, turning on her toes and click-clacking her heels into the court.

I shuffle through the papers, only a few words catching my eye.

10 years old.


He'd be ruled guilty. Of course.

Did he really deserve it? He murdered someone, sure, but killing a ten year old?

"Enter," Jason called. Even he seems too weary to use the proper formality.

"I killed someone, don't wanna hide it," the kid bluntly says.

"Wonderful," I sarcastically say. "You're hereby sentenced guilty, like everyone else." I gesture at the guards. "Siguri are waiting, go."

Madison nearly rises in rage. She manages to keep it hidden. "Ms. Summers, we must provide a fair trial to all."

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