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Aurelia's POV

Audrey is sniffling, and I suddenly realize how dangerous this is, the same time as Noah does.

"Audrey," he gently says. "Remember that time Aurelia actually threw a party? And all three of us ended up in her bedroom so you could paint our nails?"

Audrey laughs shakily. "And then we did your hair."

"He was a beautiful girl," I chime in.

For a moment, as we laughed, it was almost like the old times.

But then the gravity of the situation crashed in.

"Seriously, though," I whisper. "What was - "

"Aurelia! ARE YOU HIGH?" A voice that was annoyingly familiar echoes down the hallway.

Audrey's eyes widens. "Is that - "

"I'm literally starving! How could you leave me here to die? And how come you were laughing and giggling? Who the fu - hel - frick are you?"

Noah and Audrey share a look. I sigh, going down the hallway.

"Alright, what do you wa - " my voice dies as I take in the absolute mess in front of me.

"Now your house is beautiful!" Asher displays his cell, splattered with paint of all colors.

"Wh - where did you get the paint!?" I splutter, my jaw dropping.

"Your attic," he says in a duh tone.

"What? How did you get out!?" I nearly scream, my eyes wider than I thought was possible.

"I snuck out," he raises an eyebrow. "It was easy. Bad security and everything."

I shake my head.

"Your bedroom's pretty, though," he conversationally adds.

My jaw drops once again. "Wh - you - what?"

"I like the fairy lights, and the fluffy blankets. And the high ceiling? Really nice. The window is huge. It's like the entire wall, though. What were you thinking?" Asher questions, casually.

"Wha - what?"

"But you know what else?" Asher's now smirking. "Your bedroom is right above mine."

Audrey and Noah had come up now, and both of them sported matching dubious expressions.

"I installed a little pulley or elevator thing to make it easier for us to talk to each other," Asher grins.

"What?" I screech.

"It only carries little notes and such, but I think it could carry a human if necessary."

Audrey and Noah look at me, equal parts amusement and horror in their eyes.

"Good luck with this one," Noah barely restrains a smile.

"I'm taking it down," I firmly say, marching upstairs.

"Oh, don't be like that!" I faintly hear Asher's disappointed voice.

I inspect the pulley system Asher made, less than pleased to find it was kind of... genius.

I tug on it for a while, trying to figure out how it worked, before sending down a very colorful note.

A few seconds later, an equally as colorful note is sent back to me.

I trudge downstairs, to Asher's expectant face. Audrey and Noah had gone to sit in the little movie theatre room.

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