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Chapter 8

Aurelia's POV

Asher glances at me. "Alright. Please, do whatever you want. I'm a dead man anyhow." He winks. "Metaphorically, of course." He twists something on his finger. "Go on, then."

Everyone's necks snaps toward my direction. I feel Madison's powerful, icy, stare on my back.

"I'd like to call a small break," I repeat, insistently.

Madison nods tightly once. Everyone swarms around the head table, where I'm sitting.

"What is there to discuss?" argues Jason. "He confessed! Twice over!"

"Could we check our rulebook?" I ask, quietly.

"Aurelia, there is no rule saying that he can be pardoned for what he did," Audrey looks worried.

I take a shaky breath. I have no idea what I'm doing. "I don't want him to be pardoned. I want to have an extended hearing for him. We can keep him in the holding cells."

"Why?" Even Bianca doubts me. "There is no good reason to keep him alive."

I hesitate. I can't tell them that I think that Asher had a good reason to beat him up. "He never confessed," I say, realizing how weak that is.

"He basically did!" Noah says. "This is pointless. Au - Ms. Summers, I think we should just end this case."

"No. Think about it. Everyone who we've ever tried confesses at one point. But what if he doesn't? I think that we need to have an extended hearing," I dispute.

Madison's been trying to keep in her anger throughout the entire thing. But now she lets it out. "Ms. Summers! We have no rules for doing this!" She tells me, looking ready to beat me up.

"And we have no rules that say we can eliminate someone if they do not confess," I whisper. I'm intensely aware of Asher's eyes drilling holes into my back.

"She's right," Audrey was the first to concede.

"He brought up a lot of good points," Lucas shrugs.

"But the fact still remains," Madison says. "He hit a child!"

"He had a reason. Uhm, the 'child' you're talking about beat up a toddler. If we're not bringing him in, then why would be condemn Asher?" Bianca boldly argues. She brings up a great point.

"The Defect," Madison corrects her icily. 

"We can hold the extended trial now then," Jason says. "We have the time."

I panic for a second. I was hoping to have some time to talk with Asher, maybe find some loopholes in the case. But it's the most unlikely person who saves me.

"No," Madison sighs. "I have an appointment with a few of the leaders for the lower courts. We'll keep the defect somewhere for the night."

"The holding area," I reason. The one we never use because we kill everyone who steps through these doors, I add privately. "I'll keep guard."

Madison nods. "Very well. I'm afraid we can't try him for a while, until the other cases have been cleared up." She smiles fakely at me. "I guess that means you'll be standing guard for many nights, Aurelia."

"Ah, yes," I say uncomfortably. There was something about her tone.

Asher's voice comes behind us. Sometime during the time we were talking, he had come up. 

"Well, what's my verdict? Do I get years in jail? Death penalty?" He snorts, probably remembering that elimination was the death penalty.

"Asher Coleus Everett," I say, a bit too gleefully. "You have been granted an extended trial."

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