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- Angelica and ElizaAurelia's POV

The case had just finished and I was already tired. After blabbering with Asher in the morning, I was beyond exhausted and about ready to go home. 

But, of course, I couldn't do that.

 I sigh as I head back down to the holding areas. I get stopped by, to my bitter surprise, Audrey.

"Hey, can we talk?" Audrey looks desperate.

I awkwardly try not to look at her, but it's too difficult. She looks like she's holding back an emotion; a negative one.

"Um, well, I'm worried about Bianca," she tells me in a soft, whispered rush. 

"Why?" I ask, a little harshly. 

"She was crying," Audrey gulps. 

I gasp, immediately worried for her. What could make sweet, bubbly Bianca cry? "Did anyone see her?" I ask urgently. Maybe I could help her before it gets too bad. 

"I took her to the bathroom and had her wash her face before anyone noticed," Audrey says, to my relief. "But she could be caught tomorrow or something. I know you're close with her, so I wanted you to know."

"Look, I don't want to get involved," As much as I loved Bianca, she was still barely my friend. 

How could I risk everything for her?

"You're her last hope," Audrey urges. "William's been really busy with everything since he has a case soon, some surprise one issued by Madison, but she has you."

"Audrey, how about we talk about you?" I face her. "What's going on? I can tell behind your eye bags that something's going on."

"It's nothing, I'm not that important anymore," Audrey flits her eyes away from me. 

"Is it Noah? I swear to god, if he did anything - "

"No, no, he's, well, he's okay, but I can't help but notice you've be -"

"AURELIA, I WANT FOOD!" I hear a familiar, annoying voice chime from below. 

"SHUT UP, ASHER!" I call back, making sure to have a slightly deranged smile on my face so everyone knows it's a joke. 

"Uh, you have a problem?" Audrey peers behind me.

"Him? He's nothing," I roll my eyes. "Go back to what you were saying."

Audrey shakes her head.

"Nothing? I thought we were at least at the dating stage," Asher calls up. 

"Look, do me a favor," Audrey ignores Asher. "Go help Bianca and I'll watch him for a bit. It'll be like a trade."

"You sure? He's a... handful," I say, thinking back to his snarky comments and pranks. 

"Yeah, noted," Audrey looks back at the holding cells. "But if it saves Bianca's life, it's worth it." 

I nod gratefully. "Thanks, Audrey."   

Audrey gingerly makes her way down the stairs, gripping the rails tightly. I chuckle for a second, thinking about how Asher was going to annoy her, before turning back to Bianca's problem. 

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