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Aurelia's POV

"Screw you, I'm taking the chips," Asher hugs the plastic bag defensively.

"Asher, we have like three other bags of popcorn and chocolate chip cookies," I roll my eyes at his childish behavior, trying to pretend like the afternoon's events hadn't affected me.

"No, we need this bag," Asher pouts.

"Fine, but hurry," I take his hand and drag him outside, ducking slightly for no real reason.

"Have you finally accepted me as you ever-loving boyfriend?"

I drop his hand. "Keep dreaming, kid."

"I'm only, like, a year - no, like, a few weeks younger," He complains, following me stealthily.

"As much as I would like to stay the night, we can't this time around," I say. "I'll get late for the hundredth time."

"It'll be worth it if you spend it with me," Asher said, in a sing-song voice.

"No means no," I say definitively. We walk down the moonlit path and find our way into the mini library.

"These books," Asher runs his fingers past the book spines. "They're all classics from so long ago."

"Any suggestions?" I flop down against the shelf.

Asher tosses me a book. I look at the cover. "Animal Farm?"

"It's a short read," He shrugs. "Also, it's very eye opening. It's what got me into the entire 'Eversio' thing."

I turn the book around in my hands. It was weathered, signaling that Asher had read it many times over. "I should start it."

Asher nods seriously and takes out a book for his own. 

"What are you reading?" I peer over at his book as he shows me the cover.

"Fahrenheit 451," he replies.

I giggle slightly. "What a name."

"It's the burning point of paper," Asher ignores my diss of the book. "It's about a world where books are completely banned."

"Even we don't have it that bad," I say, reflecting on My French Boyfriend.

"So there are firefighters who burn books," Asher continues. "There's this one guy who starts questioning things and from there, everything goes to hell."

I laugh. "I get it. Burning. Hell." 

Asher gives me a look.

"How does it end?" I respond. 

"Nobody knows," Asher says mysteriously and flips open his book.

I purse my lips and open my own book. Animal Farm was also an odd name. It gave no context whatsoever. And not everyone had an Asher to tell them about books. I back into my corner and flip the page. This was going to take a while.


"Where is it?" I flip the pages of the end of the book over and over. "Where?"

"What?" Asher breaks his concentration from his book and looks at me. "What're you looking for?"

"The happy ending!" I wail. "There must be pages missing!"

Asher takes the book and flips through it. "Nope. It's all good." 

"What?!" I reply incredulously.

Asher grins. "How'd you like it?"

"Terrible!" I gasped. "The ending!"

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