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Chapter 10

Aurelia's POV

"Well, here we are again," I look at Asher, who seems to be bored out of his mind.

I'd finally brought a dozen pillows and blankets and a heater, so my stay would be a lot more comfortable. After a lot of nagging from Asher, I'd finally given him two pillows and a few blankets.

"So when is my execution?" Asher drawls, trying to look at my phone.

"Don't say it so loud!" I scold. "If they knew that you know, we'd be in deep trouble,"

"I'm sure dying beats boredom," he drawls. I scoff at his tone.

"Look, we're both in this together, and to make my time here worthwhile, I need to ask you some questions." I bring up my notepad on my phone.

"What are you, my mom?" He asks scornfully, playing with his jacket sleeve.

"Let's start with that," I type furiously. "Family."

"Not much to say," Asher states austerely. "Mom, Dad, sister."

"Mother's name?"

"Nicole Lily Everett."

"Father's name?"

"Peter Lily Everett."

"Sister's name?"

"Via, as in Olivia Poppy Everett,"

"Lily to a Poppy," I murmur to myself in hidden awe.

"Okay, anyone else you're particularly fond of?"

Asher puts on a tight-lipped smile. "No."

"Okay, Satan, enough with the creepy smile," I finish up the family tree and open a new page of notes. "I need a memory."

"A what?" Asher crinkles his nose. "Why?"

"Just for reference," I put my phone down. "Like a story."

"A story, huh?" Asher leans back and looks up. "Let's see."

"Anything from your childhood," I prompt.

"Alright, once upon a time, I bought a piece of candy. It wasn't much, just one of those small suckers, the kind that seem to last forever when you first put them in your mouth, but then disappear within a matter of seconds. It was cherry flavored and it was a sickening red color, like the type of lipstick that head tiati wears."

"Madison?" I ask absent-mindedly, already entranced in the story.

"Whatever. Anyway, I took it home and made sure to hide it behind my bunk bed that I shared with my sister at the time. I knew I had to save it for a special time. Fast forward to my eighth birthday which was a true disaster." Asher snorted in the middle of th story, which broke my focus.

"Why?" I was determined to get back to the tale.

"Someone wasn't there." His eyes flickered momentarily before he continued. "I decided the perfect time to eat the sucker was on that day. So I go to take it out, but lo and behold, it's gone. At this point, I've had a pretty shitty day for a eight-year-old and I was about to throw a fit, which, mind you, I haven't done for a very long time. That's when my sister walks into the room, giddy with excitement. She's hiding something behind her back, but I didn't notice, being the terrible brother I was. She tells me to guess what she had behind her back and I am in no mood to, so she just shows me. It's a cupcake. Keep in mind, my sister was eleven at this point, and probably poisoned the cake accidently from lack of attention. But, being the greedy kid I was, I broke apart the cake to find my beloved cherry sucker, all melted with the wrapper on. I was prepared to scream, but then my sister flashed me this sweet little smile, that damning smile, and started going on about how much work she put into it."

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