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SS~"Door Jaana Nahiin, Khushi" (Slow Update/On Hold) by vijis_2706
SS~"Door Jaana Nahiin, Khushi" ( Viji Arshi
Show based plot. The story takes after the scene where Arnav gets mad at Khushi for doing DNA test of him and Aarav. But slight difference. Arnav and Khushi had been m...
To Be Yoo Rachel by crazyKate92
To Be Yoo Rachelby Kate
When you die you expect to go on to the afterlife, not be reborn into a K-Drama. But that's what happened to me. I died and somehow managed to become Yoo Rachel, during...
At Wits End by LaurenMcAllister5
At Wits Endby LaurenMcAllister5
Seraphina Kekao has seen nations rise and fall for many centuries and watched many of her fellow woodland friends be cut down by the likes of man. What happens when this...
Experimental     under majore editing by extremely_me
Experimental under majore Mook Mook
Me and my brother Jalen were kidnapped by a secret sectarian of the government to try and make war weapons. An explosion happened in the lab before they could fully comp...
Kidnapped on my way to school by WiseGirl231
Kidnapped on my way to schoolby WiseGirl23
On the way to school, Jade Jackson's school bus got attacked. The kids were taken to an old abandon warehouse. Jade Jackson is only 12 years but makes her captors a livi...
Comebacks by gimmeitayy
Comebacksby Aubrey x
F I G H T B A C K. ❍ with self defense
Downgrades: we are far from broken by ferox1
Downgrades: we are far from brokenby nameless mystery
a science fiction novel featuring how autism might evolve in the next few hundred years. two hundred years from now, the Global Confederacy governs the Earth's 26 billio...
Poetry Slam (Bullying) by LilacMalfoy
Poetry Slam (Bullying)by Lilac Malfoy
So, I got bored and was watching poetry slams, and decided to make one for the bullies at my school.
Way out of your league by Serum001
Way out of your leagueby Sparkle Johnson
Natalie Jackson has always had a crush on her brothers best friend Andre and would do anything for him to see her as something more but when harsh reality slaps her in t...
It's Here by PennyThePineapple
It's Hereby Penelope Pineapple
he's here again but that doesn't mean anything
Ownership is An Illusion  by itISeYe-M335
Ownership is An Illusion by Nana
Destiny, a quiet and calm girl has been put into a sticky situation. Her task is to marry a young lad who seems to be interested in her. Destiny never liked him because...
Miss Juno Goes to War by ECSherman
Miss Juno Goes to Warby E. C. Sherman
Julia "Miss Juno" Norbertson loves her home away from home in France. A member of an American charity organization, Julia pours out her heart and soul to take...
Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You by DailyDoseOfGenie
Never Bite The Hand That Feeds Youby DailyDoseOfGenie
They said he was through. Said he couldn't be a hero after his brush with death. He was ready to give it all up and return to a life of boredom and normalcy. But when hi...
thoughts at 4 am  by ditzaasotoo3
thoughts at 4 am by sotoo123
if you like any of them please let me know (: some are in spanish ! disclaimer - this are very personal poems made at very low places in life , i'm way much better (,:...
The Elementals by ScribblingOrchids
The Elementalsby ScribblingOrchids
The Greenes aren't common sisters: Raven, the eldest, has the power of Water and telepathy. Scarlet, the second, has the power of Fire and empathy. Emerald, the t...
Actions have Consequences by Krazoreader
Actions have Consequencesby Krazoreader
In a world where females are seen as nothing more than chattel, what would you do to change it. She was born of an Alpha Female and a usurper, forced to hide her power...
Best things about fighting back by extremeabyss30
Best things about fighting backby Sans&kaskae&Simon
Omg I just saw something amazing had happen HORAH lads and laces we are going to push back the enemy and forever stand together