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SS~"Door Jaana Nahiin, Khushi" by vijis_2706
SS~"Door Jaana Nahiin, Khushi"by Viji Arshi
Show based plot. The story takes after the scene where Arnav gets mad at Khushi for doing DNA test of him and Aarav. But slight difference. Arnav and Khushi had been m...
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Alpha  by fruitncheese
Alpha by fruitncheese
He was a possessive, controlling, dominating alpha male. He would do anything to get his mate. She was having none of it.
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Rosilyn by tmcrone
Rosilynby tmcrone
ROSILYN will be released one chapter at a time, up to 2 -3 per week. Hope you enjoy this magical journey! When Rosilyn Piccolo, squatter kid extraordinaire, loses her ho...
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Pushed Too Far by Authormistydawn
Pushed Too Farby Authormistydawn
Jeremy was tormented by his classmates because of his disease. He was able to tolerate the constant ridicule as long as he had Jessica, his one true love by his side. ...
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Ben X Reader ~YANDERE~ by NeonArtist45
Ben X Reader ~YANDERE~by NeonArtist
Ben has been watching you for years now. Why you ask it's because your well killing skills only thing you killed was animals but only animals you didn't kill was spiders...
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Her Defective Secret - CURRENTLY NOT UPDATING by philocalic
Her Defective Secret - CURRENTLY Eliza
In Aurelia Summer's society, she's something of a celebrity. She helps keep negative emotions at bay - by 'eliminating' a potentially hazardous person. Asher Everett is...
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A History of Widges by lilycazedomia
A History of Widgesby Marjorie Hopkins
A Widge is, by definition, an ethereal being risen out of the failed hopes and dreams of humanity. There are billions upon billions of them in existence, yet nobody's ev...
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Hopeless and Wild (Nico Venere/Ashestoangels) by still_dead_chases
Hopeless and Wild (Nico Venere/ Daannii
Ashleigh is hit with a forceful punch, but its not a physical one. It's an emotionally one. she discovers two men fighting in a aisle at the supermarket shes shopping at...
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Poetry Anthology by deatheater666
Poetry Anthologyby You Dont Care
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Disguise by DaisyChains16
Disguiseby DaisyChains16
At the age of 12, all children are sent to boarding school. At the age of 17, all student are assessed and then paired with someone the same age of the opposite gender...
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Cimmeron's Soul by GalaxySeer
Cimmeron's Soulby Rhoswen
For four years he was preened and hastaled into the perfect horse. One that no one would stay on. Many rodeos knew who he was and how good he was. He was famous. Then he...
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Restless love by sabrinastellar
Restless loveby sabrina stellar
it all began when Stella Myers came to this strange yet unique town. Stella's Family moved to Washington into a small town called Leavenworth after her dad got a job a...
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adopted by Mike tyson  by mrjacob901
adopted by Mike tyson by mrjacob901
a young boy called nova has been in a adoption home for a year when he watches boxing in there and loves it but he is suprised when he is suprised by his greatest hero...
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Today is Not Your Day by love_thewords
Today is Not Your Dayby Love the Words
A letter to your problems on an important day. My friend told me this is something that would be read at a poetry slam, and well, this was the closest thing I could find...
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Nothing poetic by NadiyaSiddi
Nothing poeticby Nadiya siddique
Free verses
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Promises From Broken things  by WhoAmIYouAsk
Promises From Broken things by Brittany brooks
There are things that I, and others around me can do but you can't. There are secrets we share and tell, and whispers that float to each other that you can't hear. There...
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A Fox's Tale by boxer1113
A Fox's Taleby Brooke
Clover is one of many young foxes who have been taken from their families and sold as pets, a common market in the world of Dratoma. Most of the Foxes forget their old...
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Downgrades: we are far from broken by ferox1
Downgrades: we are far from brokenby nameless mystery
a science fiction novel featuring how autism might evolve in the next few hundred years. two hundred years from now, the Global Confederacy governs the Earth's 26 billio...
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