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Same person all Midoriyas  by izumomolover25
Same person all Midoriyas by Izumomolover
After being deemed quirkless Izuku has discovered a shocking secret from his mother
The Bond between Us by debbigal
The Bond between Usby Pokemon lovestorys
In this story,Uta gathers a crew to travel across the seas to make sure that the entire world heard their music and was also hoping to find an old friend.
To Be Yoo Rachel by crazyKate92
To Be Yoo Rachelby Kate
When you die you expect to go on to the afterlife, not be reborn into a K-Drama. But that's what happened to me. I died and somehow managed to become Yoo Rachel, during...
SS~"Door Jaana Nahiin, Khushi" (Slow Update/On Hold) by vijis_2706
SS~"Door Jaana Nahiin, Khushi" ( Viji Arshi
Show based plot. The story takes after the scene where Arnav gets mad at Khushi for doing DNA test of him and Aarav. But slight difference. Arnav and Khushi had been m...
Experimental     under majore editing by extremely_me
Experimental under majore Mook Mook
Me and my brother Jalen were kidnapped by a secret sectarian of the government to try and make war weapons. An explosion happened in the lab before they could fully comp...
Promises From Broken things  by WhoAmIYouAsk
Promises From Broken things by Brittany brooks
There are things that I, and others around me can do but you can't. There are secrets we share and tell, and whispers that float to each other that you can't hear. There...
This Is What I Think They Call Bullying.  by DivyaChakraborty1
This Is What I Think They Call Divya Chakraborty
Hey sweet readers, This story comes from a very personal experience of my own life. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who had gone through these kinds of humilia...
Fighting Back by Vamps_Rule01
Fighting Backby Lomljkeg
Brianna a girl who has been in love with this boy that has never become what she wanted it to, behind all of her pain going on in the background this boy seemed to have...
Calling you and other Poems by Starwannawrite
Calling you and other Poemsby Dreamy Ash
We don't realize the worth of things - or people - until they are snatched away from us for ever. This is not just a collection of poems - it is the doorway to my soul...
The Stranger by SarcasticallyDrawing
The Strangerby Dec
Raymond Greenfield is an average flower shop owner in a small town. He's new in town, and befriends the townspeople with ease. But every small town has one thing that ke...
Comebacks by gimmeitayy
Comebacksby Aubrey x
F I G H T B A C K. ❍ with self defense
The life of Kiloni Lopez by badgirllmindless23
The life of Kiloni Lopezby badgirllmindless23
Kiloni is a outsider in school. Nobody wants to be her friend or try to get to know her . She goes through abuse at home and abuse in school only to face the new boy and...
un • ravel | poetry by xkalopsia
un • ravel | poetryby a c e
he was made of a solar substance so splendid and sumptuous that ethereal stars envied his everlasting existence
Today is Not Your Day by love_thewords
Today is Not Your Dayby Love the Words
A letter to your problems on an important day. My friend told me this is something that would be read at a poetry slam, and well, this was the closest thing I could find...
The Silent Girl's Diary  by ShrijitaKundu
The Silent Girl's Diary by L
This is the story of that girl with whom life has never been wrong to. But then, when it did, it made her miserable. What might have happened which turned the jolly-go-h...
"Sweetheart, you are all that is good in the world. Let no one tell you differently" These are your mother's words. Trigger Warning⚠: Self-harm, depression.
Way out of your league by Serum001
Way out of your leagueby Sparkle Johnson
Natalie Jackson has always had a crush on her brothers best friend Andre and would do anything for him to see her as something more but when harsh reality slaps her in t...