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Aurelia's POV

I walk down to Asher's cell hesitantly.

Even if I know I want to get out of here, that doesn't mean that Asher shares the same idea.

As Noah pointed out, Asher could just be doing this to run to Madison and beg for his freedom.

He wouldn't get it, obviously; Madison would kill him right after us.

Funny how I could barely get myself to admit my society was murder-geared, but now I'm tossing the word around casually.

"Asher?" I call, sinking into my pile of blankets and pillows near the door.

If I was staying here any longer, I really needed to consider getting my entire bed over here.

My entire schedule has been messed up because of this; usually I would get here right before the case was going to start, then once it was done, walk home and binge-watch some TV shows.

Though it wasn't like they were interesting; the most recent one I'd watched was the movie adaptation of 'My French Boyfriend'.

Needless to say, I had to pause it in the first minute and go throw up.

"Sunshine!" Asher popped up from behind his bed. "I was trying to scare you, but whatever."

"I told you to stop calling me that," I frown. "And your face does a good enough job."

Asher pretends to be offended. "Anyways, I have a proposition."

"No," I say, without looking up from my phone.

"Aura... " he whines.

"Ash... " I imitate.

"Go back to the treehouse?" Asher looks up hopefully.

I pause, thinking. It wouldn't be so bad to get away from my problems for a bit.

Then again, when I first went there, Bianca was sentenced, so I don't have high hopes for this one.

I swallow back tears, thinking of Bianca.

She wouldn't want this. She would want me to be strong.

"Bullshi*," I mutter.

I don't know what she would want me to do.

Because she was dead.

And we had killed her.

"Yeah, let's go," I suddenly make up my mind. I'm not usually one for spontaneous decisions, but I need something to get my mind of everything. "Midnight."

Asher grins. "Bring a lighter."

I narrow my eyes. "Whatever you're thinking.... No."

Asher rolled his eyes. "Fine."

I relax back into my pillows. "Should I go get food from my house for this?"

Asher grins. "Definitely."

I jump up, though I'm not particularly keen on going back to that huge, empty house.

"I'll miss you, my dearest!" Asher calls, barely hiding a smirk.

I walk down the familiar road, watching the houses get bigger and smaller.

If our society was perfect, then how come we had such class divides.

I glare at my rose necklace. It's beautiful, no doubt about it; whoever makes this goes all out, with the gold stem, leaves, and flower.

Then I think back to Asher; where's his defining flower? He's a Lily; well, he was.

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