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Aurelia's POV

I can't think straight. Lucas, Audrey and Noah have been watching over me for a long time, when I refused to move from the court. Then Audrey left to cover for my shift over Asher. I don't even think I can face Asher after the way I disintegrated in front of him. Then Lucas left to talk to William, who was basically in the same state of affairs that I was in.

Madison had been furious with us, but she couldn't show it. Instead, she added another warning to me, and one for William.

I don't think it really registered in either of us.

After William tried to get Bianca, Lucas pulled him away, and William fainted. He only woke up a few minutes back. Madison didn't want him to go see a doctor, because it was 'unnecessary'.

I immediately shake myself out of it as I see William starting to shake. He's known her for longer, and he was dating her. I feel guilty for thinking so much about myself; he obviously has it worse.

"William?" I ask, pushing myself up unsteadily. Noah watches me cautiously, probably waiting for me to face-plant or something.

William looks up. Lucas shoots me a warning glance, his hand resting on William's shoulder.

"I hate it," William speaks unexpectedly, his voice dry and cracking.

"What?" Lucas moves closer. "You might want to lie do - "

"This place. I despise it," William clenches his fist at the thought. "I hate it. I hate Madison, I hate Jason, I ha - "

Noah sits next to him. "Me too," he quietly says.

The only advantage of the court is that it has no cameras, in case people who aren't supposed to know see what happens in the room.

Lucas refuses to meet their eyes. He's obviously uncomfortable talking about this.

"This isn't the place nor the time time to talk about this," I walk towards the holding cells. "I'll relieve Audrey of duty and you guys can all head home."

Noah steps in. "Audrey and I can take tonight's shift, Aurelia. Go home. You haven't been there in forever."

I protest, but I have to give in. He was right. How long had it been since I slept in a bed? I could only imagine the temperature of my house right now. The winter months would only get colder. I hadn't called my family in a long time, either.

"That settles it," Lucas declares. "Let's all just go home and try to figure this out."

"Are you sure about this, Noah?" I ask one last time.

He shoves me out the door. "Yes, I am. Go get some rest."

I stumble out the door and walk home with Lucas and William. The silence between us is louder than anything I've ever heard before. It bothers me. It was usually Audrey, Lucas and I walking home, sometimes with Noah tagging along. William and Bianca always insisted on walking home with each other and who knows how Jason and Madison got home. Probably in their twenty-seater sleek, black limousine with fake wine and champagne.

Bianca and William.


Our society wasn't perfect, it didn't take a fool to figure that out. What was the cult that Asher was talking about?

Evers -


What if I tried to be with them, and I escape -


No way.

I didn't care about -

That wasn't true.

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