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Audrey's POV

I stare at Aurelia who refuses to meet my eyes. I knew it was hard for her after Bianca and everything but she was going to get into some deep trouble if her insubordination was to last. What a place we lived in, where everything is perfect.

"Are you okay?" I blurt out, immediately sighing. Really? Her basically-best-friend just died and you're asking her if she was fine?

"Yeah," Aurelia murmurs, looking past me to where the jails were. "I need to see Asher."

"Slow down." I guide her over to a seat. "We can watch over him agai - "

"No!" Aurelia yelps. "I need to talk to him about Ever - I mean, I just need to work out his case and all - and, um, how we are ever going to be able to, um, do it."

Strange, it almost sounded like she was going to say Eversio, the rebel group. "Aurelia, are you sure you're fine?" 

"No," Aurelia sighs. "But I will be."

Will you?

"Good," I respond unconvincingly. "I'm just going to go?"

"Bye," she replies, already getting up.

"Aurelia," I reprimand her one last time. "You should be careful what you mention 'round others."

I walk away, trying to get out but, as luck would have had it, I got stopped by Madison.

"Audrey, dearest," She says, her voice absolutely flowing with with honey. "Can we talk?"
I freeze. Nothing good ever comes of Madison asking you to talk with her.

"It's not a problem, really," She laughs, in a fake, dissonant sort of way.

She takes my elbow. "Let's grab some coffee, shall we?"


Aurelia's POV

Asher jumps up as soon as I walk in.

"Aura, are you okay?" His face looks genuinely worried. 

"I hate this society," I say in a low voice.

Asher looks uncertain. "Yeah. What's the big realization?"

I punch the wall, anger coursing through my veins.

"Careful," Asher warns, coming closer to the bars. "You can't get eliminated."

I sink against the wall, hugging myself. "They killed her."

Asher stays quiet.

"I killed her," I gasp through my sobs.

Asher crouches down putting his hand on my shoulder through the prison bars.

"Stop crying," he orders, worriedly glancing at the entrance to the jail.

I slowly wipe away my tears, trying not to stain my sweater. That would get me eliminated for sure.

"Thank you, Asher," I whisper. I know he's only doing this because he wants to get out alive, too, but the gesture was still appreciated.

"Would - would you - " Asher struggles to form the words. "I mean, now that you've seen it for the evil and all, could we talk about... Eversio?"

I nod my head silently. I had to get out of this place. This place had killed so many people, and even if I didn't know them all by name, it was a crime. Why weren't tiatis tried for murder? We'd definitely be eligible.

"We could run away, you know," Asher sighs, looking wistfully out the window. "They could arrange for us to go out there."

"I want to," I murmur, surprising even myself. I had said it out loud, which made it so much more real.

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