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Aurelia's POV

I try to insist on checking my email, but Asher drags me away. He also somehow manages to make me leave my phone behind, declaring it would cause distractions.

That's why I didn't notice the new messages that flooded my phone from Audrey.

It was also why I didn't see the email about our case tomorrow; the high profile case that required all other cases to be pushed back a day.

I didn't see any of that; that's why I was so giddy and excited.

"We are breaking the rules!" I announce, aware of Asher rolling his eyes next to me.

"No shit, Sherlock," he sighs, creeping past the imposing chairs of the court.

"I'm a rebel," I whisper, humming Kim Possible's theme song.

Of course, in the TV show that we watch, there's no villains; Kim Possible just solves the case without any hardships.

Yeah, it's a great TV show.

"Shut up," Asher replies, scanning the empty grounds.

"Ninja!" I exclaim, moving my arms in a robotic motion.

Asher quietly runs past the open stretch, then shelters in a shadow. I vaguely see him gesturing at me to come.

I take the harder path, blending in with the shadows and crawling discreetly, and even rolling at a few spots. I pop up next to Asher, grinning.

"Rebel ninja," I say, pretending to chop off his arm.

"What got you into such a... well, relaxed, non-tiati-like mood?" Asher asks, sighing dramatically.

"Breaking the rules," I respond, using my laser vision to find any threats. "All clear," I report, marching out in the clearing.

Asher pulls me back just in time. A lone figure, probably someone arriving very late from work, rushes past our hiding spot.

"We're never going to get anywhere," he mutters.

"Of course we are, I'm a rebel ninja," I scoff, still in an almost drunk kind of mode.

Asher contemplates me for a second before lifting me up over his shoulder.

"Asher!" I whisper-scream, flustered. "Put me down!"

"You're going to be a liability," Asher says matter-of-factly, though I can almost hear his smirk. "Precautions need to be taken."

I settle for hitting his back. I never really use my fists - if I hurt somebody, I would most certainly get turned in - so I don't think he felt anything.

After what seems like an eternity, Asher stops.

"We're here," he declares, dropping me.

Literally dropping me.

"Ouch," I groan, staring up at him from the ground. "You didn't have to do that."

"I'm a gentleman at heart," Asher winks, already distracted by his surroundings.

I massage my arm as I sit up and take in the place. It's... unimpressive, to say the least.

It was a barren landscape with only a few weeds desperately clawing through. It has a fence that protects it from the wilder parts of the forest, and the ground is littered with old, decaying trash. It's only asset was the dancing moonlight that spun through like a gleaming, silver flame.

A huge tree blocked out most of the light, though, so I was confused why Asher had such a nostalgic, awed expression.

"This place is kind of trash," I awkwardly tell him, kicking away a rotting tomato that kind of looked like it was tangoing with a candy wrapper.

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