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Aurelia's POV

"What took you so long?" Asher whines as I walk back in. "I had to sit here for ages!"

"Change of plans," I tell him, dumping the bag of food I got next to cell. "We aren't going tonight."

Asher pouts. "Bu - "

I silence him with a frosty look. "I got you food."

Asher concedes to that. "But why?"

I sigh. "My brother visited."


"Um, nothing really," I lightly brush it off, still unsure if I can trust Asher. "But we talked a bit about how you shouldn't be staying in the cold for break."

Asher looks curiously at me. "So you're going to murder me instead?"

I glare at him. "Not funny."

Asher shrugs, stealing a bag of candy. "You're going to do that anyways."

"No, no, no," I tiredly say, running a hand through my hair. "I - we need a strong defense - a - "

"This is literally the first time we've ever talked about this," Asher grins.

"I'm trying to - ugh!" I flop down on my 'bed'.

"If I'm not dying, what's happening to me during break?" Asher asked, through a mouthful of hard candy.

"You're staying at my place," I mutter.

Asher's eyes light up, his smirk becoming exactly like Axel's. "I'm staying with my beautiful girlfriend over break?"

"I guess I won't get to live with my family over break, then," I frown.

"Babe, it's been weeks! Introduce me to the family!" Asher mock-pleads, grinning at my expression.

"Maybe later, honeypie," I coo, flicking a candy piece at Asher. "But you do realize you'll be locked up, right? Maybe chained."

Asher's eyes widen slightly. "So you like it ro - "

I interrupt him before he can say anything that he might... regret. "I've got to talk to Madison about that. BRB."

Asher stifled a laugh. "Did you just - text abbreviation - oh my god, Aura, I thought you were better than that."

I blush slightly. How could anyone this carefree and happy be a Defect?

Of course, I had seen the other side to him. The violent one that tended to lash out at people. Like the first time we met, and his eyes were... haunted, I guess that was the best way to explain it.

"Why are you staring at me?" Asher tilts his head.

I quickly get up. "Nothing. I'm going to go talk to Madison."

"Be back soon, dearest!" Asher calls, smiling fakely.

I exit the tiati court, heading for Madison's and Jason's house; the biggest one on the block, obviously.

I stop at their ornate door, hesitant, before knocking twice.

It was immediately flung open by Jason, who was in casual clothes, something I had never seen him in before.

"There's a bell for a reason," Jason scowls, though he tries disguising it as a smile.

"Good evening, my fellow tiati," I start, my mouth curving up into a grin. "If I could intrude on your humble presence for just a second or so, I would delighted to let you know - "

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