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Third Person's POV

  After Night left Omega's room he sat on his bed with a blank stare for a few minutes. His only thoughts were that Night just broke up with him despite it being for his sake. Slowly everything in his room went from colorful to a terrifying black that could make the toughest person pee their pants. At the same time, his friends were rushing down the hall to get an explanation from as to why he broke up with Night since she didn't tell them the reason why she was so upset. 

  Little did they know that they were walking to their own deaths. Even before Omega got his new powers as the Lord he was already powerful enough to bring destruction to everyone and everything around him. As the group of friends approached his room even faster they saw shadows coming from his room and the rooms and the floors were turning black even the little plants littering the hallways were already dead before the blackness reached the plants. The same thoughts all went through their heads, "Just what happened between Omega and Night?" 

   When the second group of friends consisting Night herself, Death, and Arrow arrived it was too late their friends were already lying on the floor unconscious. Frightened at the moment they approached their friends slowly with protection around them to avoid what attacked them from attacking them. Moving everyone somewhere safe away from Omega's new strange power. Death volunteered to go and try to talk Omega out of whatever situation he was in, but as soon as he entered the room something unknown has taken the place of Omega. Outside their cabin, the campers surrounded the cabin in curiosity and question since their cabin used to be black. but was now covered in shadows and some unknown substance. This was affecting the camps ground as well. The land around the Chaos cabin was changing and the strawberry fields were already dead. Just what has happened to the leader of the strongest being alive?

Death's POV

      Opening the door to Omega's room took a lot of courage, but inside that room laid a completely different person I have known for the past years and the current person I have known. On Omega's bed, there was one of the creatures I swore to never meet or make contact with. On his bed was a death god. 

   Not my father, Hades god of the Underworld, but Verloren(means lost or doomed in German) the ultimate death god. As frightened as I was Omega needed to help Omega.

   Suddenly hearing a really high pitch scream from outside, ignoring Omega for the time being rushed to the window and saw that not only was our cabin affected, but I was wrong most of the camp has been affected as well. The one that screamed was... Suddenly a scythe was in front of my face and before I could react I was trapped. Scared to move unless I wished for head to be cut off I stood still and tried to reason with Omega or Verloren(fyi this will become Omega's alternate form)."Omega can you please remove the scythe away from my neck?" Instead of getting a reply I got a growl instead. So I tried mming him instead." Omega can you please speak to me, please? We are all worried about you please come back to us." I thought he was going to ignore me, but I got an answer instead. "Nico is that you? Please help me I don't know what happened. One second I was trying to process that Night broke up with me the next I transformed and became Verloren. I can't even control my body anymore." "Okay so from what you said you unknowingly transformed into this and can't get out of this form is what I'm getting." "Basically." "So what do you want me to do Omega?" "I need you to impale my heart." "I know you can do it and I won't die from it so please do me a favor, do us a favor. Please." " Promise me that you won't die okay and that you will come back to us afterward." "I promise, I can't let you and Will start having sex everywhere can I?" "F-fuck you Omega, but I'll do it okay." "Thank You Death." 

     I can't believe that Omega has the nerve to bring that up in a situation like this right now. Ughhhh!!! I gathered the dark energy from this room and from my own power and aimed and struck his heart. I thought nothing was going to happen because Verloern still stayed in the place of Omega, but slowly the form started fading away and there was Omega unconscious and falling to the ground. Running to catch him before he fell to the ground I realized that he was deathly pale and the shadows in the room were slowly disappearing. Lifting Omega up to his bed I went to see if the others gained conscious yet.

                                                             (Omega's Alternate form btw)

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                                                             (Omega's Alternate form btw)

Omega's POV (Right after his breakup)

     After Night left my room I was dazed and tried to process everything that just happened. Understanding that Night only wanted to do what was best for me why couldn't she see that I was willing to work things out. As I was sinking into my own thoughts I didn't notice myself transforming and giving off a dark energy. I thought I could control it, but I was completely out of my control. Fighting the new transformation more dark energy came rushing out. 

    Between the struggle between my original form and this new form, I didn't even notice Death come in. I only realized this when he called out my name, but before he could say anything else a loud shriek was heard and I know that shriek anywhere. Bradon. Wondering what that was Nico walked towards the window, but my body reacted on its own and before Nico and I can process what happened there was a scythe next to his next. I couldn't control this body and I was all worn out from thinking about Night and I's future relationship as well as trying to change my form. Feeling frustrated I turned to the only option at hand and this would only be possible with the help of Death. I knew the consequences of doing this, but if I don't do it I might end up killing Death instead. After talking to Death he finally made the decision and plunged his sword right through my heart. The second it went through my heart I turn back to my original form and after that, I blacked out.

Third Person POV

    As Death plunged his sword into Omega's heart he transformed back into his normal form and fainted. Death carried Omega onto his bed after bandaging his wound as best as he could and went to look for Cross to help him. Upon entering the room his friends were in, he found them all awake and well. After getting some details and clearing some misunderstandings both Nico and Cross headed to Omega's room. Cross healed the wound on Omega's chest, but couldn't do much to wake Omega up from his coma. Omega would have to wake up himself.

I really need to apologize for not updating for the past two weeks, but here's an update. I will really try and update a new chapter soon. Also thank you for the 58k readers. See ypu guys next time.

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