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FYI- Some of you guys asked what this word meant δράκος. It means dragon in Greek.

Zoe's POV

     When Omega left with Aphrodite I went to my bedroom and went on my phone. I was scrolling through my Instagram account when I saw a picture of a ring that looked really pretty. Just then a thought popped into my head, is Omega ever think of proposing to me? This thought left me a blushing mess in the room. I wondered what is taking Aphrodite and Omega so long downstairs, its almost been twenty-minutes. Just as I finished the thought Omega came into the room and I saw he had a slight blush on his cheeks. Now I really want to know what happened with those two. Hope he's not cheating ...I CANT BELIEVE MYSELF. I know Omega is no that kind of person I need to get myself out of the gutter and quick. I was going to say something to Omega when he said Chaos suddenly needed him back on our planet back home. Every time I wanna say something I get interrupted. this is so unfair!! "Do you have t leave now or can you go later?" "Chaos wants me to go as soon as possible so yeah, by the way, did you want to ask me something?" How was I suppose to ask him the questions I wanted to ask him when he puts me in a situation like this.!! "It's not that important anyway I could wait for you get back first and then tell you. You better get going though Chaos doesn't like it when anyone is late or takes too long. I'll see you tomorrow okay." He gave me a smile that could've made me fall in love with him all over again if I wasn't already. He quickly leaned in and gave me a gentle, but passionate kiss before teleporting away. How dare he leave me here after giving me feelings. Uhhhhh!!!

Omega's Pov

   I saw Zoe try and tell me something, but Chaos just had to call me at that one moment and told me to meet him back at Planet Chaos. I would have gone later, but he said it was urgent and I had to come right now without a second to lose. I looked apologetically at Zoe and left without a word. I arrived back at Planet Chaos and was greeted with a face full of whipping cream that Chaos has planned for my arrival.  I swear to Chaos if he called me here was to just slap a pie in my face then I'm going to blow this palace apart. "Omega so glad you could make it I was thinking that Night was far more important than me. Just in case you were thinking I didn't call you here to prank you I called you here for an important reason." What could be so important that he called me here so urgently? " As I was saying before the reason I called you here was that I am handing over the Galaxy to you and you will be now known as Lord Omega ruler of the universe." " But what about you what would you do if you are no longer the ruler of the universe?" "I will wait until the day I fade away to unite with your mother Tara queen of the universe which brings law and order. We have been apart for too long and I have kept your mother waiting for hundreds of millions of years. So what do you say will you take over my throne and rule over it?" Father wants me to rule over the kingdom(i'm going to call the universe kingdom now so yeah) as he fades to join mother in eternal life. I'm not so sure about ruling the whole kingdom by myself, but as long as Zoe is by my side anything is possible and as much I hate to admit it I will miss him, but I want my parents to be happy and reunited after so many years apart from each other. " I looked my father straight in the eyes and said the very words he was hoping me to say. " I will take your place as the lord, but only till after we win the war between End then will you fade and reunite with mother." I looked out at the universe and sent my mom a message, I'm so sorry mother, but can you wait a little longer until you see father again for the first time in forever.'and as if she heard me the stars twinkled and shone brighter than they were a few seconds ago. This sight alone made me smile to myself and at my dad too. Together we looked out at the universe at the stars and smiled contently to ourselves. After a moment of silence he turned to me and asked," Are you ready my son, cause once it's done, there is no turning back." " I'll agree to do this since it's for you and mother," I said smiling at Chaos. This was probably one of my most genuine smiles I gave away since me betrayal. Ready to have Chaos' legacy passed down to me I faced Chaos, closed my eyes and waited for the power blast to strike me in the chest.

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