The Metting

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Omega's Pov

    I woke up with a pounding headache. I felt a figure next to me and realized it was Night. I gently shook her awake and asked her what happened."Omega you overused your powers and fainted from it and you been out for 2 hours."I said the smartest thing I could"Oh."We decided to head downstairs and saw that all the cabin leaders and Chiron were talking about me and my teams arrival.I mmed Night and decided we would stay in the shadows and evesdrop on their conversation.What I heard made me wan to tear them apart piece by piece.

Annabeth's Pov

     Their commander fainted after the fight with Brandon. the rest of his team carried him and disappeared from the throne room. The commander seemed so cold to the Olympians even though I'm pretty sure that we did nothing wrong.Right? After the meeting with the gods we were teleported to camp and decide to have another meeting with Chrion to discuss the arrival of the Chaos soldiers and their commander. I felt like someone was watching us,but shook it off. I feel suspicious about their commander cause Brandon was the strongest demigod ever to be born not to mention Percy Jackson the weakling. The commander beat my boyfriend up and it angered me cause he thinks he's so strong.What I really want to know is what is beneath that cloak the Elite Team is wearing.Sometime I think my curiosity is a curse along with my ADHD."Something seems off  about the Elite Team is it not.I mean Omega beat Brandon the strongest demigod alive even that traitor Percy Jackson can't beat him so how did Omega beat him am I right or am I wrong."Nico decided to speak up "Annabitch why don't you shut your stupid mouth use that brain of yours.I thought that your were daughter of wisdom clearly your not. You all betrayed Percy when he won two wars for you and when the new demigod your so called "boyfriend"says he defeated the monster you all believed him and betrayed him without even thinking twice.If you don't believe me then ask Iris to show you the truth.You all gave up on him but I still believe him!"With that I watch Nico leaves the big house with a dark aura. Suddenly two figures come out of the shadows and scared the shit out of me. It was commander Omega and Night. I hope they didn't hear us talking about them.Now I am scared.

Nico's Pov

  That stupid daughter of Athena is a disgrace to the demigods.First she thinks Percy isn't good enough now she thinks the commander of the elite Team isn't good enough.She thinks the only good one is that stupid son of Poseidon Brandon. I knew the commander and Night were hiding in the shadows.I'm not stupid, I'm a son of Hades so the shadows are my domain. The commander Omega reminds me so much of Percy and yet so different at the same time.I'm so confused right know.

Omega's Pov

What Nico said was so nice. I thought that Nico didn't care about me anymore along with everyone else since I'm pretty sure that the campers told him false information. I'm glad I have at least one person who cares about me and doesn't want me dead.I was planning on telling Nico to meet me at Chaos's cabin where it is sound proof and you can't see inside without being shocked by 1000 bolts of Chaos lightning.I was brought of my thoughts when a certain daughter of Athena came up to me." I was wondering if you ever heard of a Greek demigod who's name is Percy Jackson.I am his ex-girlfriend and me and my boyfriend Brandon are in a hunt to find him because he was a traitor, cheated on me with another girl and was a spy for Gaea.""Look Annabitch I have better things to do then to listen to you brag about yourself and your f***king ass boyfriend Brandon,but I don't think Percy Jackson is such a bad guy and based on what I heard I think Nico is right about your long lost hero Percy Jackson.""WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU AND WHY DID YOU CALL ME A BITCH?!"I ignored her and continued to walk away until a dark dragon appeared in front of me making all the campers scream and grab their weapons.I swear to Chaos that if a single weapon touches Ryujin I will kill that demigod.But you know what one camper did.You guess who.

Sorry I haven't update this book in such a long time I was having school issues and club activities at school, but I have more free time know so I will be updating more often i hope.I am also sorry for lying to the readers from the last chapter about how I was going to update the book tomorrow which I lied about.BTW I am planning on starting two fanfics. One is going to be OHSHC boy x boy(yaoi) and another version of Son of Chaos where Percy is gay.I love yaoi books and if you do want to read these books wait until my next update for the names of the books.Please give my book a star and comment any suggestions.PLEASE!!

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