The Truth

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Omega's POV

     I remembered being hit with golden beam and crumpled in pain and don't remember what happened after that.I am sure that I blacked out and got carried to my room cause I opened my eyes and saw my sea green/blue ceiling and black walls with golden stars on it.I sat up and was met with a painful shock in my body.I dragged myself to the mirror and saw that I grew like 2 more feet and my messy black hair is now icy white hair with a dark blue highlight running through it.It looked so wicked and cool.Suddenly I felt something heavy on my back and looked closely and saw that two huge dark black wing darker than Hades himself and  that he would be jealous of them on my back.I also noticed that my body was rip with muscles and I had this weird tattoo on my neck running down my back and ending on my smallest abs. The tattoo was huge black dragon the same shade as my wings and it was so detailed it looked real.I went to my closet after admiring myself and picked out a black tee and some gray skinny jeans and strapped my dual swords Light and Darkness  on my waist and threw my cloak on hiding strapping two more chaos metal sword to m back and some throwing knives across my chest and my jewelry(don't judge he is still Persassy)a chain that is my bow and arrow on my wrist, a ring on my middle finger which is my armor, and a dark necklace that has a arrow on it that could turn into power staff.They were all made of chaos metal.I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I look good and left my room realizing that the pain in my body was gone.

Chaos's POV

     Omega walked into the breakfast room with his usual clothing except he has huge black wings instead of smaller ones and his hair color changed with a highlight of dark blue. I have to admit that the hair and the wings made him really cool and deadly. "Good morning Omega how did you sleep?""Well Lord Chaos  I slept great and really like what my new look looks like, but I have one question why do I have a  huge black dragon tattoo on my body?" I was shocked and told Omega to show me the tattoo immediately forgetting that there were other soldiers in the room.Omega lifted his shirt with a slight hesitation and showed me his tattoo. It ran from his neck and ended on his smallest abs and boy it was not small at all. I could hear all the girls and boys gasp at the built body of his.Girls were whispering about his body and the boys talking about the tattoo. I immediately told Omega that he had to go to Planet δράκος and tame the dragon there fore no one has ever tamed it.He looked confident and went to his seat and ate breakfast.

Zoe Nightshade's POV(didn't see that coming did you)

    When Chaos told Omega to lift up his shirt I saw Omega hesitate a bit before lifting up his shirt to show his eight packs and a huge dragon tattoo on it.The tattoo was amazing and I could feel myself blushing just by looking at him.I know you all be like,but your a huntress Zoe you hate men. Well yeah I was a huntress,but I was released when I died and Per...Omega brought me back to life to become a soldier of Chaos along with Luke Castellan, Charles Beckendorf, SileanBeauregard,Ethan Nakamura. I had a crush on Percy the day I met him but I was a huntress back then and I couldn't like boys,but now I am free from the oath and I could like Percy but I am still to shy to tell him.What if he doesn't like me.My life is so messed up.

Omega's POV

   When Chaos told me to lift up my shirt I hesitated for a second before lifting it up. I felt embrassed even though I trained to not show any of my emotions, but this is just ackward. I could feel a certain person staring at me and I immedility knew it was my crush Zoe Nightshade.

Sorry for not updating I just got back from my senior trip last week and I didn't feel like writing a book right after so yeah.Also I need someone to help me make a prophecy for my book.I will dedicate one chapter to that person.

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