Death Wish

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Brandon's POV

       I was talking to Annabeth until a dragon appeared out of nowhere. One of the Chaos solider's I think his name was Omega stared at the dragon like it was nothing to be afraid of. All the campers screamed and went to grab weapons  while I stood there and took out Riptide and and uncapped it. I ran towards the dragon along with some campers and charged straight at the dragons body. Just as I was about to plunge Riptide into its body Omega jumped and landed on its body and took off toward the Chaos cabin. There is something weird about he captain of those solider's and I will be the one to find out with my girlfriend and get all the glory from camp. I put my sword away just as Annabeth came running up to me with a confused look. I explained what happened and asked if she wanted to join my mission to find out who the leader of the Elite Team is. Me and Annabeth decided to sneak up to their cabin after dinner and listen to their conversation, but little did they know.

Omega's POV

      Ryujin appeared out of nowhere in the middle of camp and the demigods all panicked and went to get weapons. Me and him where mind messaging until Ryujin told me that an idiot was running toward him and I hopped on and we flew off. I saw a confused Annabitch come up to Brandon and started talking to them. Also turns out that Ryujin was sent here by Chaos to keep me company with my soldiers since I still didn't lime the idea of me having to protect this amp and staying here as well. I went back to our cabin created a floating cave in the back of our cabin and told Ryujin that he would be staying there for the rest of the mission. He flew to the back and settled in and I went to my bedroom and into a secret room no one knows about. It was an art room where I express all my felling and stress here. I took out a canvas and started to paint whatever my mind was on. While I was painting I was considering on letting Nico know my identity and ask if he wants to join the Elite Team.Before I knew it I finished and painted a photo of me and Nico when we where younger and also it was dinner so I locked my secret room and went downstairs and and walked out with the rest of my team. I created out table and sat down and ordered our food. We sat down and started to eat, but the rest of the team and me felt the stares of the campers and Zoe decided to speak up and asked"What are all you people looking at.Haven't you guys hear of peace?" A camper spoke from the silence and said while shaking that we didn't sacrifice to the gods yet. Me and the est of the team laughed and simply said that we sacrifice to no one but Chaos and Chaos doesn't like it so we sacrifice to no one. With that we all returned to our meals, but sadly I couldn't because someone sacrifice food to me. "Who sacrificed their meal to me?"I heard laughing and saw Alpha laughing and pranked him back with the same thing. "You guys could sacrifice to each other?" Annabitch asked from her table. "Yes, we can because we are stronger than the gods and because I am the heir to the Universe."I finished my food and made an announcement." Nico D' Angelo please come with us after supper is over please." My team all finished our meals and fooled around a bit with me joining as well. (I have a fun side too!)Nico followed after us as we left the dinning hall and towards the cabin.(I don't remember if I included this before so I'll add it again.)Our cabin was made to keep anyone unwanted out and from being spied on and it's also sound proof. Only cabin members are allowed in and people who were invited by on of the cabin members. I already allowed Nico to come and go as he pleases because I trust him. He came in and I asked him "Nico D' Angelo do you swear on Chaos that you will not tell anyone what happens in this cabin?""I, Nico D' Angelo swear on Chaos that I will keep what happened in this cabin to myself.""Okay who wants to go first?"Shadow decided to go first and I knew that even without asking why.They are goddam siblings."I am Shadow, but you know me as Bianca D' Angelo.""Cross(decided to change his nickname),but you know me Will Solace.""I am Forge, I am know as Charles Beckenford.""I am Beauty, but you know me as Silena Beauregard."I am Night, but you know me as Zoe Nightshade.""I am Alpha, but you know me as Luke Castallen.""Finally you know me as the leader of the Elite Team Omega, but you know me as Percy Jackson the betrayed hero of Olympus." It was all silent for a minute before Nico's crying broke the silence and threw himself at Bianca then me. After his scene I explained to him that I brought them all back from the dead and made them my soldiers/ army. "Nico, do you want to join us and leave this camp behind after the war is over?""I would definitely join you and my sister anytime.""From now on you would be known as Darkness and you can't show you identity to anyone unless you want to or Chaos makes you.Beside that you are now a member of our team Death." I gave him his cloak and asked if he wanted to stay in his cabin our ours and he said he would stay in ours, but he wants to grab some stuff. I told him to leave his cloak so he wouldn't attract any attention and told him to call for help if he is questioned or threatened. I went back up to my room and lied down on my bed feeling a bit more relaxed pissed at my father. I almost drifted to sleep when I saw the cabin barrier light up and shot electricity at the intruders. I looked out my window and saw...

Nico's POV

       I was summoned by Omega and followed him to his teams cabin and I found out that all my dead friends and Percy were right in front of me. I stared to cry and threw myself at both Bianca and Percy. Percy asked me if I wanted to join and I said yes of course since I already hate this camp and Percy let me go and grab some of my stuff from the Hades cabin. As I was walking towards my cabin I saw a bright light and saw some type of barrier and electricity shot down from it. I felt bad for whoever got hit by the electric.(Didn't think I would write who it was did you.) I went to my cabin and packed some stuff and headed back to the Chaos cabin.

No One's Pov

     So Chaos sent his best solider to fight this losing war.There are two spies in camp and no one knows who it is.

I was finally update another chapter. I am so proud of myself and I sometimes forget some details from my previous chapters so if I change them please bear with me and I will put a side note if there are any changes or if I don't know if I ever added those details. Don't forget that I will accept any comments and maybe some advice too.I'll try to update soon if I don't die from heart  attack from being too nervous in presenting my powerpoint tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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