Still Love You

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Sorry for the late update. I was so busy catching up on my own books and stories I completely forgot to update this book. There will be more frequent updates due to the fact that I already took all my tests and I and out for the school year since well I'm in high school and its regents month. Do not worry this is a chapter not an author's note. Enjoy this chapter!

Thalia's POV

After Omega or Percy revealed himself I was shook. My long lost cousin was back and was back as the commander of the Chaos Army and son of Chaos?( I 4got if I included that in the last chapter.) I am still processing what happened and how it happened when suddenly a dark figure landed in front of me. It was Percy with his wings and he somehow found me in the crowd. " Hey Thalia , long time no see?" I was angry, happy, sad, and confused so the only thing I did was summon lighting and brought it down at Percy without thinking twice. I was so scared that I killed him because all around me there was smoke and a few surrounding campers got hurt. When some of the smoke cleared I saw Omega standing there with a small knowing smile all safe and away from harm way. He looked like nothing happened at all. "IamsoorryPercyIdidn'tmeantodothatIhadalllthesemixedemotionsandidn'tknownwhattodopleaseforgiveme.!" I closed my eyes and bent down to apologizes. "Hey Thalia, long time no see?" I looked up and was met with the stupid smile that I had grown used to over the years In Camp-Half-Blood. "Uhh... I am doing great. I guess...?" I just shot him with lighting and he asked me again how I am. He is always and will be a seaweed brain. We started talking up a storm until I was broke out of my thoughts when someone screamed out angrily " GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU USELESS CAMPERS!" I knew that voice anywhere.

Omega's POV

Thalia and I where talking but was interrupted when someone told the campers to get out of their way and I recognized that voice anywhere. Annabeth Chase. The person that started all of this never want to ever see again.I didn't want to see Annabeth at all she reunited my life. The second I saw my half brother I knew something bad was going to happen. She came bursting through the crowd ruining my thoughts. "Omg Percy I miss you so much. I'm so sorry I cheated on you and I know you are still probably mad, but don't you think it's time to move on?" "Yes I think it is time to move on from the past which is why I have a new girlfriend and why you are no longer and important person in my life. Also I said to call me Omega not Percy. You killed Percy the second you cheated on me for my half brother." "Common Percy don't be like that I still love you with all my heart. Percy I wanted to tell you this after you saw me on the beach, but you left. I was drugged by Michael in the dining hall. He slipped me a love potion he stole from Aphrodite. Please Percy I didn't do it to you on purpose. Please I still love you with all my heart I don't want to lose you again!" Annabeth, the girl was my life, key word being was. I don't love her anymore, but I want to confirm with Aphrodite that it was a love potion that Annabeth was defenseless against. I mmed my team and told them about he situation and told them to meet at the cabin in a few minutes. I looked at Annabeth and then at Thaila. I grabbed Thaila's hand and teleported us to the living room in the cabin and waited for the rest to arrive. "Hey Omega, this cabin is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside you know. Its beautiful in here. I wish I could live here." I just thought of something, what if Thaila was able to join out team as the Chaos team and Elite group that way we are all together again." Thaila do you want to stay here and live in the Chaos Cabin because you can. Ask Artemis if you can leave the hunters to join the Chaos team and still be a maiden at the same time." "Percy it's not that that easy, I thought of that too, but I don't want to hurt Artemis." "Percy open the door please I need to speak with you. Please don't shut me out!" I pulled up the surveillance camera and saw Annabeth outside. I stayed seated where I was and so did Thaila. "Percy I know you still love me. Don't deny it and open up this god dam door."I am not going to open the door no matter what. Mming-"Anyone who is coming in please do not open the door for Annabeth no matter what and if you are bringing someone please let the security know." Annabeth walked towards the cabin and was about to pass the gates when the force field outside hit her with a tremendous amount of deadly energy to demigods. I saw it coming Thaila and Annabitch did not. She was overpowered and dropped to the floor but got back up a moment later. "Please Percy, don't do this you love me as much as I love you." Behind her was the Chaos warriors. One by one they walked intot he barrior like it was nothing even the extra guests. Surprisingly even the gods followed the army and tried to get in. I just continued to watch as they struggled along with Annabeth. Finally the person I was expecting to come came and told the gods to move aside and let him do it. He walked backed and ran into the barrier and all he got was am ugly reminder and a lot of injuries that will take weeks to heal. Some gods even liked the fact that Micheal was injured that way. Anyways to the meeting. "Since you are all here please follow the rules guests. You are to never speak of this to anyone else unless you are giving permission to talk about it and please head over to the game room 3 rooms down up the 2 flights of stairs and 10th door on the right." After they all left i old them what Annabeth told me about the potion. Beauty  said that all  the potions her mom makes aren't strong love potions. It only helps you recognize who you truly love. I would have to ask Aphrodite about that. I dismissed them and headed out of the cabin. Not out the force field but just outside the porch. Everyone outside started banging on the force field again. "Aphrodite please come here. I need to speak with you." I saw the faces of the gods and Annabeth and what was on most of the face was disbelief that she would be able to get through. She and I surprised them by just walking past it like it wasn't there at all. "Aphrodite I have a question. Your love potions don't force someone to love someone correct? So if one where to give the love potion to another there wouldn't be any effects unless that person loves you back correct?" "Yes my potion s only help bring out the love in that person and when used the person must have feelings for that person in order for the potion to work. Why do you ask this?" Nothing just curious. Thank You, you many leave and tell everyone else to leave. Tell Annabeth to stay." She left with the other gods and as I said she told Annabeth to stay. "Annabeth you said you love me right? You said that you where under the influence of the love potion right? You said I  should love you with the same amount of love you love me right?" By now the grass and any living thing around us is dead from the aura I was giving off." Percy I love you yes. Yes I was under the influence of the potion. And yes, you should love me with the same amount of love i love you. Why do you ask these questions?" "I asked you these questions because you don't love me at all you BITCH!!"

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