Want you back

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Annabeth's POV

How dare Percy pick Zoe over me. What does he see in her I am so much better than her. I have the brains, skills, and looks. All Zoe has is power and skills. She doesn't even look that pretty. I will have him back and he will be mine. If your all wondering Brandon and me broke up last week because I caught him cheating on me with another girl. As soon as I saw I broke u with him. Now i kinda know how Percy felt about him seeing me kiss Brandon. I made a plan to get my Percy back and he will be mine. I went into my cabin and removed one of the floor boards and took out a wooden box. Inside I kept the ring he threw at me, but when I opened it, it was missing. In its place was a note addressed from Omega. At first I thought i was some sort of love letter but it wasn't. I opened it and it said,

Dear Annabitch, 

         If you are reading this then that means that you have noticed that the ring is missing. You won't find it anywhere. Since you won't be needing this anymore I took it back. But I have to thank you. If it weren't for  you I would have never got this chance at life. So thanks.

                                                                                                                                Yours Not Truely,


Right know I was breaking down on the floor. The last memory of him before all this was now gone. Now I will do no matter what it takes to get Percy to love me again even if it means that people have to die for it. Mark my word I will have my Percy back and Zoe can't do nothing about it. First how am I going to talk to Percy he will never talk to me after what happened. Maybe I should ask the kids from Aphrodite kids to help me. It's worth a shot. I cleaned myself up and headed towards their cabin. The door opened and I was meet with Silena Beauregard (aka Beauty). She looked at me like I was a piece of garbage that has not been cleaned up for days. She looked me up and down and slammed the door in my face. I stood there in shock still registering what Beauty said walked back to my cabin. I would have to go with another plan since this one didn't work, but what will convince Percy again.

Aphrodite's POV

   Annabeth Chase the heart breaker of Percy Jackson now known as Omega. To be honest I thought they would be a great couple and last, but my potions don't work unless the person is mutual in agreement. Annabeth didn't really value the relationship she had and ruined it. Now I know the true girl underneath that face of hers. Before I saw her try and ask my kids for a potion to get Percy back, but that is not happening on my watch. I wanted to give Percy and Zoe a visit and give them my blessing since I can see the love in their eyes. I went to my wardrobe and picked an outfit to wear. If you thought I was going for a gown then you are wrong. I chose a paint splattered button up with a crop top and light blue shorts with combat boots.

 I chose a paint splattered button up with a crop top and light blue shorts with combat boots

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