Complete. (dedicated @Omega396)

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Unknown's Pov

Finally my plans are complete and I can launch my attack on them. They will never see it coming at all. "Micheal is my weapons ready along with my plans." "Yes father it is all complete. Yes Micheal is my son and he is the hidden spy at camp. This will be the camps downfall. "Micheal when do you plan on having that tattoo removed from your face its annoying to stare and look at.""Sorry father." Stupid son.

Will and Nico's POV

Omega walked in on our make out session and it was embarrassing. "Will what do think Omega will do after this?" "To be honest Nico I don't really know, Omega is full of mysteries and will probably be more mysteries then ever considering he was pretty secretive when he was you know...Percy." "Yeah maybe, I wanna go and see Planet Chaos soon it's probably amazing compared to here." "It is amazing there if Omega isn't angry and blowing up everything there is on the planet. So yeah." We continued our conversation again and only waiting for night to come again so we could start all over from where we got interrupted by Omega.

Alpha's POV( Haven't done his POV ever.)

I have been in my room all day doing nothing, but watching movies on Netflix. I was getting hungry too and its almost lunch. Also today is Omega's turn to cook so I can't wait his food is awesome and not only that we are staying inside the cabin instead of Dining Pavilion. I should go to the kitchen or else the foods going to be go soon. Food!!

Omega's POV

I feel so complete now that the whole family is back together again. Also I realized there are a few relationships going on here. Me and Zoe, Nico and Will, Charles and Silena, and Luke and Bianca.

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