Mount Olympus

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Third Person POV

     The Olympians were having a council meeting. They were discussing about the arrival of the Chaos Soldiers and the disappearance of Percy Jackson. Little did they know a certain someone was listening. As always the Olympians were always in an argument. Hera arguing about her and Zeus's marriage, Ares with his war rage, Hades and Poseidon ganging up on Zeus for his horrible ruling, Artemis and Apollo arguing who is older, Athena trying to think of a plan, Aphrodite with her makeup, Dionysus reading his wine magazine, Demeter complaining about wheat cereal and other healthy foods and Hestia tending the hearth.

Zeus's POV

    I gathered the gods today to talk about the disappearance of Percy Jackson and the arrival of the Chaos Soldiers. Being the Olympians we always had to argue.

Sorry this chapter is so short.I have a writers block so I need time to think of ideas.Also I might not update as much because me and by family is going on vacation in two weeks so yeah.If you guys have any ideas or questions feel free to ask me.I will try to respond to the comments.

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