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Zeus's POV

      As I was about to start the meeting since the Olympian's have finally calmed down. I called this meeting to talk about the disappearance of Percy Jackson. We all know that he disappeared for 30,000 years and we have sent a search mission for him every month. In this meeting the seven where  present because they are immortal and they were Percy's best friends. The one who looked the worse was Annabeth because she was the one who cause all of this. The one that everyone hates is Brandon, but he has to be here because he is the only other son of Poseidon. Poseidon would only ever go to Mount Olympus when it is time for the council to send out a new batch of demigods to find Percy with the help of one of the cabin leaders."Does anyone have any news on the missing son of Poseidon?" The whole room was silent until one certain had to speak."Why do you care so much about Percy?""You all have me the strongest demigod there is.""Brandon you are the cause of this and you have no right to speak about your half brother like that!" That was a shocker since it was from Poseidon. Poseidon hasn't said anything since the day he realized his favorite son was missing. I also felt like someone was watching us, but I couldn't find anyone or thing so I ignored it.

Omega's POV

   We arrived in the council room just on top of them and I could tell that Zeus felt a different change and tried to find it, but failed. We use mind message and laughed at how stupid Zeus was for looking every where besides looking up. Chaos had to ruin or fun and appeared in front of the gods and goddesses and told them that the soldiers have arrived and has been eavesdropping on their conversation and were right above their heads.MM(mind message)"Really did you really have to ruin our fun T^T""Sorry Omega, but this is important.""Fine  father."MM end. We appeared behind Chaos in a V formation and me standing next to Chaos. "This is the Elite Team in the Chaos Army and please introduce yourselves.""Omega the leader of the Elite Team/Chaos Army and Son of Chaos,Alpha second in command,Night third in command, Shadow,Herds,Forge, Arrow, and Beauty.""This is the Chaos Army's strongest team the Elite Team.""How strong are they I'm the strongest person in the universe maybe stronger than Chaos himself.""Well Brandon maybe you wouldn't mind dueling with my son then correct?"I looked at he boy who ruined my son's life and I saw him hesitate for a second before he agreed to do it and I looked at Omega and he only nodded his head in return.I set up a force field around Brandon and Omega so the gods, goddess, demigods, and the Elite Team don't get harmed. "Powers are allowed, minor injuries are also allowed and no killing.""On my marks get set GO!""With that the battle started.

Omega's POV

       Dad told Brandon that if he was so strong that he should be able to duel with me if he was stronger than Chaos. Brandon had a moment of hesitation before he agreed to do it. What I also noticed is that Poseidon looked horrible.He had eye bad under his eye and he looked like he was going to fade any time soon.Chaos looked my way and used his eyes to ask my permission if I could duel Brandon I nodded in response.He motioned both of us to the center and set up a force field so the outsiders wouldn't get hurt even thought the Elite Team could handle it.Brandon took out a sword and that sword was the sword Poseidon gave to me.Riptide.


I left camp and put a spell on Riptide so it would return to Poseidon once I leave the camp borders. Once I left, the sword disappeared in a shower of green dust.


I took out my own sword Darkness, this case a dark aura in the room. I could see the fear in his eyes."On my mark get set GO!"Brandon charged at me and I step sided and he ran in to the force field cause a light soon to be purple bruise on his head.This time instead of charging he was trying to summon something but more or less its looked like he was trying really hard to poo.I cold help, but laugh.As I was laughing Brandon was smirking at what he done and released a wave of water at me soaking me from head to toe. This time it was him who was laughing and i hate people getting my cloak more less my clothes wet ad my tea knows that since Alpha tried to wake me up by splashing water on me causing me to give a three hour long lecture. I summoned a huge wave and he saw the faces of the gods and goddesses and turn around to look only to be hit with the huge wave throwing him against the force field again. This one is going to leave a mark. He tried to summon another wave, but he was out of fuel so he was reduced to his sword.He charged and I side stepped and he ran int the shield again. I then flew up to him and did a hammer kick onto his head causing him to lose consciousness.All the gods and Artemis was all shocked while Hera and Aphrodite were fan girling over my wings.I stepped out of the shield and automatically felt dizzy and started to burn up. The last thing I remembered was Zoe crying.

Sorry I didn't update for so long I made this chapter extra long cause I didn't update for so long.I got back from my vacation and school just stated so its been a little more busy.I plan on having another chapter posted tomorrow cause I love you guys and please follow me.Love you my readers.

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