You Just Got Pranked !!!

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Omega's Pov

We waited until everyone arrived and we moved out. The trip was only like 15 minutes so we just took our time. We sneaked into the place and redecorated every thing and moved onto our target. We all decided on a set of clothing and how they should look like after the makeover and put everything onto action. We removed the clothing the person was wearing added a few touches of makeup and some magic to change its appearance and carefully put the clothing we provided on so Beauty doesn't kill us for ruining the clothing we had her make. After about an hour later we finished and placed a spell so it doesn't wear off until tomorrow afternoon. The person will be in for a surprise. We left the placed and decided that we would order some pizzas and bring them back to our cabin as a toast for completing our mission. We went to the movie room and each got a slice of pizza and watched the movies we chose. Before we knew it was morning and we knew it was going to be noisy so we got some earplugs and waited for the Chaos to begin. It only took about 10-15 minutes before the screaming started. First was the Athena cabin with spiders crawling all over the place and their cabin looking like the Ares cabin.Next was my former cabin the Poseidon cabin. The screams that I heard matched the ones I heard on the day I saved that spawn of Poseidon. That pretty much woke up the whole entire cabin and even Luke/Alpha because he somehow feel asleep in the last 20 minutes and we walked outside to see our masterpieces created by our other team mates since we split up and saw that everything was on fire or all over the place. We secretly had cameras set up all over the place that was timed to record when the first scream was heard so know we have some dirt on the camper and something to laugh about. Then finally the last cabin came to life the Hermes cabin. They received glares and many different colorful words from the campers, but most of them were from the Ares cabin. That is to be expected though. Now we just need a special someone to give us a friendly visit and that will complete the whole entire mission. No less then 10 minutes that special someone arrived and boy were they pissed. If you guess who it is you got it right its ...(cant have you knowing who it is now can I -Author)

Zeus Pov

 I woke up as usual and found Hera as pale as a ghost."Why are you so pale darling?"I then realized that my usual voice was replaced with a voice of a girl. I quickly went to the bathroom and what I saw was what made me teleport to Camp Half blood immediately. What I found there at camp was something I would never see. The camp was all over the place and every cabin was either demolished or was completely different. I summoned the other Olympians quickly before the "chaos" continued. I regretted sending for the other gods because they saw they saw me in the form of a girl and they just took photos and laughed. Suddenly something you don't see everyday came up to us. It was Brandon the son of Poseidon. He had multiple tattoos all over his face and what surprised me was what the tattoo said. "I love Percy Jackson." Next a paper suddenly appeared in front of everyone even Brandon and one look at it would have sent you laughing for hours. It showed us a picture of him making out with a goat. It was priceless, but as a god of Olympus and no less the King Of the Gods I needed to find out who did this. One thing that stood out was the Hermes cabin. They were scott free and their cabin was still connected and standing. The Universe seems to hate me today because Lord Chaos decided to show up and the camp and myself was showing a bad example. This is not going to end good. Oh god help me.(Too bad you are the god himself so help yourself.-sorry not sorry Author)

Ryujin's Pov(didn't see that coming did you)

  After the soldiers had there fun I stayed in my cave and watched. The soldiers were having a lot of fun especially Omega since the last time he had this much fun was when he was a demigod. I just hope that he could always stay that happy. I saw Chaos arrive and decided to greet Chaos and Omega as well. This also remind me of Omega's past whenever Chaos arrived in Omega's bedroom before the war with End. Omega would always look so happy.

Sorry I took me a while to update this book. I was so caught up in all of the unfinished anime's I watched i wanted to finish before school starts, but since its New Years Eve and soon to be New Years, I guess I could start off the new year with a new chapter and also a new book. I should be publishing the first chapter around this week if not the next. Thanks so much for the support and the 2Ks. Please keep reading and follow.

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