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Omega's POV
I was chasing after a guy on Planet X.His name was Edward Chase. He murdered hundreds of people and all those people are innocent and he killed them for fun. I took out my dual swords Light and Darkness. Light is made out of void metal. Darkness is made of the strongest chaos metal in the universe. I slowly walked towards him into a dead end."Please spare me I would give you any thing please don't kill me.I still have a family to raise."Maybe you should have thought of that before you killed all those people."With that I stabbed him in the heart killing him instintly and sending him to the void. I can't stand people who use other people to get attention."Alpha pick up on
Planet X.""Roger Omega,be there in two seconds."Right after he said that the ship came into view."Omega how was your mission on Planet X?""Really Alpha you know these are easy missions."Sorry."I am going to take a break before going back to Planet Chaos so I'll be in my room if you need me. Me being the son of Chaos I could have teleported but I was tired after the mission so I called Alpha instead.

Alpha's POV
I was taking a nap before I got a mind message from Omega.Chaos gave all members of the army the ability to mind message each other(mm). He called me to pick him up when he could easily teleported.He could be so annoying sometimes. I got the ship ready and flew to Omega right after he finished speaking."Hey Omega how was tour mission"You know these missions are easy Alpha."Sorry.""I'll be in my room of you need me."After that he went to his room and me to the head of the ship"
********TIME SKIP 15 minutes*******
"Omega we will be arriving on Planet Chaos in a minute.""Thanks Alpha.Be there in a sec."I parked the ship and exited after Omega since he is the captain of the Elite Group and the Chaos Army.We arrived at Chaos' palace and we went to Chaos office.
Chaos' POV
Omega walked into my office with Alpha behind him. I could already tell that Omega called Alpha to get him from the mission after."Omega how as you mission?""Fine as always Lord Chaos."Omega I told you many times I hate formalities and Chaos or father is fine."Okay Lord Chaos whatever you say." I knew Omega was going around with me. But I remembered that I had something to discuss with Omega and my smile turned in to nervous smile."Alpha can you give me and Omega some privacy. also you can have the rest of the day off unless there is a new mission."Alpha left and I turned back to Omega."Omega there is something I want to tell you and I wasn't sure when the best time was to tell you so I'm going to tell you now.Thousands of years ago I had a son, but my brother End didn't want a nephew nor someone who is more powerful then himself.He declared war on me and my wife and my wife ended up fading due to End's evil power for she was the opposite of evil.During the war I sent my son to earth and there he was turned into a baby and I was able to convince Poseidon to adopt him.I locked up all his powers so he would be more convincing to be a son of Poseidon.My son was you Omega you are my long lost son and it is time to unlock your powers and be the heir of the Universe as soon as I fade. With that I shot a beam of pure gold at Omega and he crumpled in pain.

Omega's POV

 Chaos wanted sometime with me and told Alpha to leave.Chaos started talking about his long lost son and out of nowhere, I repeat NOWHERE he said I was his long lost son.I just stood there in shock until I was hit with a beam of pure gold and I crumpled in pain.

********Sorry I decided to re-edit  my book and change the plot a little so please if you already read the book please start from the beginning.Also please vote for my book and thank you to the person who thought of the Chaos plot.*********

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