The Hunters

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Omega's POV

     After Nico joined us in the army we had so much more fun, but I always felt like I was missing something and that something is my other cousin Thaila Grace. Right know it was dinner and the team and me were all joking around and making plans for today. We all decided that when it was midnight we would freeze time and pull some pranks on the campers. Zoe, Nico, Bianca, and me were doing the big three, Athena's and the big house. Everyone else would get to pick whichever one of the cabins they want to destroy and mess up. We all agreed to return to the cabin in an hour after we start. There was still another half an hour left of dinner and we all decided that we would go to our cabin and prepare the materials we needed. I was going to visit Ryujin and tell him our plans tonight and if he wanted to take part of the prank and he said that he was going to watch instead.I went back into our cabin and found that they had everything set and ready to go at midnight. While we waited we watched movies and had pillow fights here and there. Soon it was midnight and I cast a spell throughout the whole camp and stopped time for and hour." Is everyone ready for some fun and mischief?" I got back of yes' and we started our hour of fun and the campers hour of doom. Zoe and Bianca were going to do Zeus' cabin while Nico did Hades and I did mine Poseidon's cabin.I started with mt half 'brother' Brandon. I walked into my "my" cabin and saw that the cabin had pictures of me all over the place and some with me half naked and all. I also found some of them with kiss marks on them.Those sent shivers up my back. Suddenly I got an idea and created some tattoo materials and drew "I love Percy Jackson" on his cheeks and as a bonus I pasted a temporary tattoo of me on his forehead and started decorating the room. I ripped all the posters off and replaced them with posters of a goat and placed kiss marks on them and created a copy for each of the campers and I may or may not have photo shopped it to look like Brandon was making out with it. I then turned the cabin all pink and red and quoted from a Disney movie"Long Live Evil" outside.

 I then turned the cabin all pink and red and quoted from a Disney movie"Long Live Evil" outside

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I then moved to the Athena cabin. I took out a machine and filled it with spiders and set a timer for 8 am sharp. I then took all their books and computers and teleport them to our cabin.I moved on to Annabeth and filled her dreams with her losing me and giant spiders chasing her. I then wrote on her bed"You killed Percy Jackson" and turned the whole gray cabin to black and bloody red. I met up with Zoe,Nico, and Bianca and started on the big house. We dyed the it hot pink and applied hair curlers, make-up and decorations on Chrion and left. We decided to prank our cabin a little to make it less suspicious. We then had a great idea. We froze time completely and waited for the rest of the team and then we started.

****Sorry this is such a short chapter. I got lazy and also I kinda have a writers block so if you guys can please give me some suggestions and advice.Also thanks for the 1.5K readers I really want to thank you guys. I will try to update sooner put if I dont feel free to send me messages and such to remind me because its almost Christmas.*********

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