Action for the couple

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A/N: So heads up there will be gay actions in this chapter so if you don't like please skip on to the next chapter. The next chapter won't be affected by this so go on. And if you do read this please enjoy and please  send me some reviews on it and tell me what can be improved.

Will POV

After Omega left the both of us continued from where we left off and continued from where we where interrupted. We took off each others shirts off then I started sucking and licking down Nico's neck and giving me hickeys along the way. If you haven't figured out already I am the dominate one while Nico is the submissive one.  Nico and I have been dating for what about 2-3 weeks and we are pretty far into the relationship. Slowly but surely we where both left in out boxers and already have bruised lips and where both panting. Nico started palming my bulge  while blushing furiously and me smirking at him. I silently thanked the gods that Omega made all the rooms in the cabin soundproof cause now Nico could scream my name as loud as he wants. I started slowly pulling down his boxers revealing his manhood. It was averaged sized although mine was slightly bigger than his. I bent down and started slowly licking up and down his shaft occasionally sucking on the top in the slit. I love hearing the moans and groans coming from Nico's mouth. "W-il-l stop teasing m-e. I want you in me already." This turned me on so much I had a hard boner already. To finish my job i stated pumping him at an even faster pace till he came in my hand. By then he was panting so hard, if I didn't know any better I would have thought he was having an asthma attack. "Will, want *pant* you in *pant* me *pant* now~." I didn't hold myself back anymore I stuck two fingers into his hole to stretch him out before I went deep in him. I bent my finger a little bit and Nico arched up his back in pleasure moaning my name. I quickly stretched him out a little more before I put on a apple flavored condom with peach flavored lube. I rubbed the lube on myself and Nico and slowly I entered him till I was balls deep in him. I slowly pulled out a warning him I plunged back into him fast and hard. Nico screamed my name in pleasure throwing his head back and arching his back. He was the main definition of beauty. I continued thrusting into him at a fast pace making the bed creak under us.

Nico's Pov

You know usually I dont talk or make sounds right, but as you can tell I'm not quite in bed. "Will faster~! harder and deeper inside me!" I suddenly had a idea. I saw up while Will was pounding into me hard and me still a moaning mess, I created rope and some handcuffs and using my powers I tied and cuffed will to the bed and leaned down to kiss him. I slowly lowered myselfon to his member and started riding him at a slow pace to a fast pace till the bed was creaking again." Ah.Ah~. So-good-deep-ins-ahh~inside-me." I was so into pleasuring myself I didn't notice that Will broke free and had me down on my hands and and already fucking the brains out of me. "Nico you have been a bad boy and bad boys need to be punished.~" He took out a whip and started whipping my butt cheeks making me more than I already am with him still fucking me. "Will I'm going to come soon!" "Me too Nico me too." If it wasnt fast before its fast now I los my footing and ended up face on the bed moaning more and more. I felt a tug in my gut and squeezed my hole tight around make us both come. Me on the sheets and WIll in my arse. Man that felt so good. " I love you o much Will." "I love you more Nico now get some sleep." He kissed me on the forehead and layed down with me while spooning me as well.

                                              Hope you enjoyed this extra if you read it.

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