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Nico's POV(did you see that?)

    Chaos had us all go to our cabin for something. I thought we were going to get scolded(like I did today -Author) because of the prank we pulled last night, but he burst out laughing instead and asked for the video that he somehow knew we took. Nonetheless we gave a copy to him and he just disappeared. After that we heard a scream outside and found a really pale looking camper with a knife pointed at another camper. "I am a messenger from End your enemy. I have brought a message from Lord End himself." "Campers I see you got my messenger, there is a person I want to have in my hands and you know who that person is your current leader Omega. I want you to take off you cloak along with the rest of you team or else." "Or else what?", a camper suddenly said."I'm glad you asked little girl for every week that your leader doesn't show his face a camper will be lost and die at his own hands." I was shocked. Right after the message ended the camper held the knife towards her chest and stabbed the knife right through herself and fell to the ground."Kayla!!!! was all I heard from a boy that was running from the outside circle that seemed to have formed. I'm guessing that either she was his sister, friend, our girlfriend. Not a moment too soon the horn sounded signaling an attack. I am so pissed right now. First End sends a message through a camper, had her kill herself, and now launched an attack when we are distracted from the main problem. I mmed Omega and the rest of the team to ask what we are going to do."Round up the younger campers into the stronger and safer barrier I set up next to our cabin." I did as told and brought the kids into the barrier and went to join the team. Ends army was still marching, mostly trying to surround us all over. I saw all the members of the Elite group, but Omega wasn't there. Zoe with bows, Alpha with swords, Bianca also with bows, Arrow(Michael Yew forgot to add him) with the medics section behind the camp boarders, Forge with tools and explosives, Beauty with her charm speak and potions. MM "Hey has anyone seen Per-Omega anywhere?" We don't know,but he should show up soon because End is starting to show himself."replied Alpha. Not a minute too soon End fully appeared. "Well, well, well where is your fearless so called leader ~Omega?" Right in front of your face douche bag." All I saw was a pair of black wings fly down at incredible speed and landed gracefully."Well time to settle this."With those last words Omega lead the campers towards the monsters.

Sorry for the short chapter as in short I mean like 484 words. I have a global project that is due Wednesday and I've been working on finishing it so hopefully if not this week next week I will update. If you have any new ideas to spice this story up feel free to do so. I know I saw I will update soon, but I always have sudden things popping up cause I am in running crew which helps the school with the shows and shit like that. Since I don't have crew tomorrow I will try to write another chapter for you guys.I love all of you and I will pick one person to dedicate the chapter too if you comment a suggestion or anything. Thanks for your corporation! 

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